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10+ DIY Small Business Laser Crafts

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If you have just purchased a laser machine like the xTool S1 or xTool P2 and want to make money selling your crafts, you are in luck! I am sharing 10+ of my favorite small business laser crafts that you can use to make money with your xTool and start your own craft business!

laser craft examples for a small business to make money

DIY Small Business Ideas for Laser Machines

Starting a handmade business can be a little (or a lot) overwhelming. I constantly see crafters asking how they can make money with their crafts, and I think a laser machine like the xTool is the perfect place to start. Having a laser cutter in your craft room can be an indispensable tool for creating professional crafts that you can sell.

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Laser crafts are great for handmade gifts, cards, jewelry, photo frames, signs, and more. Unlike a blade cutter like a Cricut, a laser cutter uses a high-powered laser beam to cut and engrave precise designs into various materials such as wood, acrylic, cardboard, paper, and leather.

xTool has a whole selection of laser cutters that are perfect for every level of crafter. Read the articles below for more information about the xTool laser machines that I own!

With a laser cutter, the crafts you can make are endless. You can create intricate and detailed designs that would be difficult or impossible to achieve by hand or even with a Cricut Machine. But which ones will make the most money for your small business? Whether you jump into the trending products market or create your own niche, you need to make sure that you consider your materials and the time it takes you to craft a particular item.

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Small Business Laser Craft Ideas to Make Money

Even if you are a beginner, you can make money with your xTool! There are a lot of projects that are incredibly easy to perfect and make in bulk. Just remember, every crafter or vendor at a craft show started somewhere!

If you are just getting started, I suggest making profitable crafts that have a low material cost and that can be made quickly. These will require a smaller investment of time and money in the beginning. Crafts that take a lot of time can limit how many products you can make for a craft show or to replenish your online storefront.

As time goes on, you will have a better idea of what items might sell quickly and you can adjust your inventory. A lot of these ideas are for small crafts, but I’ll include ideas for higher ticket items, too!

Here are some of my favorite laser craft ideas for starting a small business.

Laser Ornaments

Laser cut ornaments are popular for many holidays, not just Christmas. You can also vary your designs to use as gift tags, too!

Customizable Laser Cut Floral Heart Ornament Christmas – Etsy
You can customize ornaments with a last name, or create ornament designs that don't need personalization for a quick production time!
View this Product

Laser Cut Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the smallest crafts you can make with your laser cutter. It is a great way to create a large inventory with a small amount of materials. I also love that you can make small earrings or charms from scrap materials – no waste equals more profit!

You definitely want to keep an eye on trending designs and holidays when making jewelry. You can also incorporate other materials such as resin or vinyl in your finished design.

Laser Cut Halloween Earrings with Free SVG File
Make your own Laser Cut Halloween Earrings with a FREE Hocus Pocus Earring SVG File!
Read this Tutorial

Kids Paint Kits for Holidays

These paint kits are really popular as small gifts or classroom activities around holidays and special occasions. I have seen a single crafter sells hundreds of kits from just one Facebook group post. Because they are made from cheaper wood or MDF, you can sell them at a lower price point. Plus, kids LOVE them!

laser cut paint kit for easter
Easter DIY Laser Paint Kit
Need a handmade Easter craft idea? DIY Paint Kits are a very popular craft to make with laser machines, because they can be made quickly with inexpensive materials.
Read this Post


Coasters are always a great gift idea, and I have seen them do well at local craft shows. Local designs such as maps or holiday designs make affordable gifts for any shopper.

Engraved Slate Street Map Coasters – Etsy
Engraved slate or wood coasters are a popular item for holidays, weddings, and more.
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Wooden Spoons or Other Engraved Kitchen Utensils

I personally love these items because you can purchase inexpensive pre-made utensils and supplies to engrave with a laser machine. These require less design work and are great packaged with other gift items.

Engraved Wooden Spoons
Engraved wooden spoons make perfect wedding or holiday gifts. They can be personalized or just engraved with cute kitchen puns!
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Keychains are an easy sell because they are inexpensive and almost everyone uses them. Just like ornaments, you can use these designs as gift tags, too. They make perfect gifts for holidays, graduation, birthdays, and more.

Wooden Retro Motel Keychain
Keychains can be made from wood or acrylic and are popular items to sell.
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Silicone watch bands are a unique craft that has increased in popularity over the last few years. Everyone wants a custom watchband that matches their personality (and outfits!)

Monogram Watch Band Engraved Silicone
I have made some engraved watch bands for personal use, and I get so many compliments when I wear it! You could make personalized bands or just patterned bands that anyone would love.
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Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are a larger item that can do well at craft shows around the holidays. Engrave with cute sayings, but you’ll have to fine tune your settings to produce these on a diode laser. CO2 lasers like the xTool P2 are faster at engraved designs, and if you’re producing a lot of cutting boards, you’ll need all the time you can get.

The positive side to cutting boards is that you can find nice cutting boards for a reasonable price. I recommend starting with small engraved quotes or designs until you get a better idea of what your target audience is looking for.

Father’s Day Cutting Board
Small designs like this are faster to engrave and appeal to a lot of different customers.
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Another way to get started is to offer personalized cutting boards!

Personalized Marble Wood Cutting Board
This personalized charcuterie board also has a small design so you can engrave it faster than a full design. Plus, the marble makes it look more custom!
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Cups & Tumblers

The xTool P2 is especially good for engraving cups and tumblers – with the additional of the rotary tool, you’ll be a step above other crafters out there.

360 Degree Laser Engraved Personalized 20oz Tumbler With Lid
Designs like this 360 degree engraved tumbler will set you apart from the rest of the crafters!
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Plus, with the blade tool, you can customize mugs, cups, and more with permanent vinyl and sublimation transfer sheets. There are so many directions you can go with this craft (think tumblers, wine glasses, coffee mugs, etc), and everyone loves them!

Wooden Signs

Signs can be a huge undertaking, so I would recommend starting with just a few designs at first. Between cutting, painting, and assembling a sign, you can have a lot of time and supplies wrapped up into one design. However, they are great for shows because they make a statement. And people love them!

DIY Wooden Halloween Sign with Free Home Sweet Haunted Home SVG File
DIY Wooden Halloween Sign with Free SVG File for Glowforge and Cricut
Download a FREE Home Sweet Haunted Home SVG to make a DIY Wooden Halloween Sign with a Glowforge or Cricut machine!
View this Tutorial
Hello Summer Sign Welcome Sign
Simple signs like these can look great in a craft show display!
View this File

Personalized Items

Another way to start a small business is to offer custom orders for personalized items. Once you master the products you are working on, you can offer custom designs for businesses or individuals. Although they take more time because of customer interaction (emails, design proofs, etc.), there are a lot of craft businesses that exist solely on personalized crafts.

Just make sure that you factor in your time when selling these items!

Custom Nursery Name Sign
Personalized items require more time but are a great way to get new orders and build a client base!
View this Product

Bonus: Custom Shirts

With the xTool M1 blade tool you can create t shirt with heat transfer vinyl or infusible ink sheets. Custom t shirts, sweatshirts, or other clothing items can be a great way to build a handmade business. In addition, you can use laser-safe heat transfer vinyl to cut with your P2 or S1 laser!

How to Use Cricut Infusible Ink to Make a Shirt by Pineapple Paper Co.
How to Make a Shirt with Cricut Infusible Ink
Infusible ink transfer sheets work in a similar way to heat transfer vinyl but the results are permanent!
Read this Tutorial

Want more information about starting your DIY small business? Check out this guidebook:

Get the Money-Maker’s Guidebook

Learn how to make money selling your crafts with this exclusive money-making guidebook from Heidi at Happiness is Homemade!

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