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xTool P2 CO2 Laser Cutter Review: Get All the Details!

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There’s a new craft laser cutting machine on the market! The xTool P2 55W CO2 Laser Machine launched in 2023 and I have one! If you want to start making laser cut and engraved crafts with materials like wood, acrylic (including clear!), glass, ceramic, felt, leather, and MORE, you will want to read this post! This powerful laser cutter has a stronger laser and is more affordable than comparable machines. I will share everything I have learned about the xTool P2, including unboxing and setup, calibrating the machine, accessories you should buy, and everything in between!

xtool p2 laser machine review with project examples

Makeblock provided me with a xTool P2 machine to test, but all of my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

Y’all know that I am in love with my craft cutting machines! From Cricut to Silhouette, to laser machines, I use them all of the time! A few months ago, I tested out the xTool M1 hybrid diode laser and blade cutting machine, and when the 55W P2 CO2 laser was announced, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one!

xTool launched on Kickstarter a few years ago, and has built a solid reputation with laser machines like the D1 and M1, as well as the brand new S1. If you are watching the craft world at ALL right now, you have likely seen xTool laser cutters and engravers. They are some of the most popular laser machines on Amazon right now!

I have owned a Glowforge Pro for a couple of years, but the P2 was expected to be more powerful and offer a wider range of materials to work with, including up to 20mm acrylic and 18mm wood. I needed to see it in action for myself!

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Plus, I really wanted to try engraving slate coasters, too!

xtool p2 co2 55W laser machine

Glowforge v. xTool: Which One is Better?

I’m going to answer the first question I get right away: Which is Better – xTool or Glowforge? I have already done a detailed comparison of the xTool laser machines and my Glowforge. I have tech specs, my honest opinions, and everything you need to know before you buy a laser cutter!

Makeblock is the company behind the xTool M1, xTool P2, as well as the successful xTool D1, S1 and other laser cutting and engraving machines. They have a wide range of products that suit almost every crafter and hobbyist. The P2 55W CO2 laser is their most powerful machine to date.

xtool p2 co2 55W laser machine

What is the xTool P2?

The xTool P2 is a desktop CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine. It is intended for makers of all levels of interest, from hobbyists to small business owners that sell their handmade goods. Unlike the xTool M1 that offers both laser and blade cutting, the P2 is a much more powerful (and expensive!) C02 laser only machine.

With 55W of laser power, the P2 can cut through thicker wood, MDF, and acrylic than a lot of other desktop lasers. There are SO many materials and projects that you can make! It’s the perfect addition to your craft room, even if you own a diode laser or an electronic cutting machine like a Cricut.

What Kind of Laser Machine is the xTool P2?

The P2 contains a CO2 laser, the same kind of laser that is in the Glowforge or similar machines.

There are 2 types of lasers that most hobby crafters are interested in: diode and CO2. A diode laser is much less powerful than a CO2 laser, but it’s also WAY less expensive, and a popular choice for crafters that want an entry-level laser. Diode lasers like the M1 start at 5W and 10W of power, the S1 at 20W and 40W of power, while CO2 lasers generally start at around 40W laser power.

The xTool P2 is the most powerful desktop machine I have seen, with a 55W CO2 laser. And it is more affordable than less powerful CO2 lasers on the market. CO2 lasers are more expensive than diode lasers, so depending on what projects you want to make, you can check out the specs to decide which is right for you.

CO2 lasers also have a shorter lifespan than diode lasers, but you will still get a lot of crafting done with a CO2 laser machine. xTool says that the P2 laser will last for 6000-8000 operating hours.

laser head and inside of xtool p2 co2 55w laser machine

What Comes Inside the xTool P2 Box?

Almost everything you need to get started comes inside the box (there’s only one thing missing but it’s easy to grab at home!) Here’s what comes in the box:

  • P2 Machine
  • Power Adapter & Power Cable
  • USB-C Cable
  • Exhaust Pipe & Supplies to Attach to the Machine
  • User Manual/Get Started Guide
  • Small Tools for Assembly and Calibration
  • Slats for the Cutting Bed (these provide air flow when cutting materials; the inside tray does not contain a honeycomb or similar base, but metal slats are included to insert into the machine above the base plate.)
  • Small Material Pack (basswood and clear acrylic)
  • Antifreeze
  • Funnel

The antifreeze threw me off at first! You must add a specific combination of antifreeze and water to your laser to prevent freezing in colder climates. The water also acts as a cooling system while the machine is running. Included in the box is a large bottle of antifreeze as well as conversion charts that tell you how much antifreeze and water to measure and put into the machine.

That brings us back to what’s NOT in the P2 box. The machine comes with the antifreeze, but water is not included. You will need to grab a bottle of distilled or bottled water from your pantry or a nearby store. You CAN NOT operate the machine without completing this step.

lid open of xtool p2 laser machine

Do You Have to Assemble the xTool P2?

Yes and no. The xTool P2 comes fully assembled, although you have to unscrew several small screws to remove the back panel of the machine to put in the antifreeze mixture. This step was slightly harder than I expected, as the back panel did not want to come off at first. I was nervous about ruining my brand new machine by pulling hard on the panel!

screws need removed to assemble xtool p2 laser machine for operation

Other than adding the antifreeze and water solution, the only thing you have to do is attach the air vent pipe to the back of the machine and you’re ready to cut or engrave!

Do You Need to Vent xTool P2?

Yes, the fumes that are produced when cutting or engraving with the P2 must be vented. The machine comes with 3″ accordian pipe and the clamp to attach it. You can vent directly out the window, or you can purchase the smoke filter system. I have a window directly behind my machine, so I vent out the window.

vent pipe in back of xtool p2

Does the P2 Have an Air Assist?

Yes, the xTool P2 has a built in air assist and exhaust fan that helps to get rid of the smoke and fumes while using the machine. To boost the power of the exhaust, I have an inline fan that I bought on Amazon that is mounted to a piece of wood that I fit into my window. It’s not fancy, but it works well!

xTool P2 Technical Specs & Measurements

How Big is the xTool P2 Laser Cutter?

The P2 is 39.4″x25.1″x10.6″ and weighs 99.21 pounds. I definitely couldn’t lift it onto my workbench by myself. It took 2 of us to unbox it and get it into my workspace.

Although it was heavy, I was pleasantly surprised that it fit perfectly on my Husky toolbox workbench! The depth of 25.1 inches includes the handle, which protrudes a couple of inches out from the machine. I absolutely love my Husky toolbench, so I bought another one for my office to hold the P2.

xtool p2 co2 55W laser machine

Not only is the toolbox sturdy, the storage drawers underneath are perfect for storing laser supplies and blanks. And the bench is on wheels, so I can move it away from the window to set up my ventilation before each project.

laser materials in drawer of husky toolbench

What is the Cutting Area Size in the P2?

The available cutting area of the xTool P2 is 23.6” × 12.1”, and the whole cutting bed is 26.7″ × 14.1″. The cutting area that is available is a few inches longer and about an inch deeper than my Glowforge, and I really like the size. All of the laser ready materials that I own or have recently purchased fit perfectly inside the P2!

clear acrylic with masking in xtool p2 laser machine

What is the Size of the xTool P2 Laser Beam?

The laser spot size of the machine is 0.15mm × 0.2mm, which is typical for a CO2 laser.

Other Tech Specs for the xTool P2

The P2 is built to be a precise, fast, accurate, and very powerful cutting machine. These features allow you to produce professional level projects with amazing detail. You can engrave a photo realistic image, cut a 20mm piece of acrylic, or cut tiny pieces of jewelry!

  • Rated Power: 55W
  • Max Engraving Speed: 600mm/s
  • Precision: .01mm
  • Workspace Height: 2.5″ with base tray, 2.7″ without tray

Unique Features and Functions of the xTool P2 Laser Machine

xTool really thought outside of the box when they developed the P2. There are some incredible features and accessories that expand the capability of this machine over other laser cutters.

Dual 16MP Cameras

Does the xTool P2 have a built in camera? Not only does the P2 have one camera for capturing images of the cutting bed, it has TWO 16MP cameras!

One camera is used for panoramic live previews of the cutting bed, allowing you to see the whole surface of the material you are working with.

The second camera is for close up viewing – it moves with the laser head to the area you want to see. It captures a more precise image so that you can see exactly where your project will be engraved or cut.

close up camera viewing a coaster to engrave on xtool p2

Curved Surface Engraving

The xTool P2 can scan the surface of a curved material and construct a 3D model of the surface. Then, as the laser machine engraves your project, it changes the focal length of the beam. It raises and lowers the beam as necessary, providing a crisp and accurate engrave. It’s an awesome feature!

xtool p2 engraving curved surface

Riser Base

To be honest, this is one of my favorite features of the P2. With the riser base accessory (sold separately), you can work with thicker and larger materials up to 8.5″ tall!

With just the base plate, you’re limited to engraving items that are about 2.5″ thick. When you place the riser base below the machine, you can engrave things like jewelry boxes, acrylic storage bins, sports balls, and more!

I didn’t think much of the riser base until I tried it, and now I am obsessed! I love the versatility of taller blank items that I can use.

acrylic pen holder engraved with the xtool p2 laser

Automatic Passthrough

If you want to engrave or cut longer materials that won’t fit on the cutting bed, no worries! xTool launched an automatic conveyor feeder that works with the riser base. When attached to the P2, it automatically feeds your material into the machine.

Because the process is automatic and hands free, your engrave or cut process is not interrupted.

You can see the automatic conveyor feeder all set up in my Oversized Laser Cut Sign post.

Rotary Engraving

The RA2 Pro is another unique and fun accessory that is the first of it’s kind! This 4-in-1 engraving tool works with the P2 to engrave cylindrical or spherical objects! Note: you need the riser base in order to use the RA2 Pro.

If you’ve seen engraved tumblers or wine glasses, this is how you make them! As your project engraves, the RA2 Pro rotates your material automatically. It’s so cool! I’ll have separate posts to help explain these fun accessories that you can add to your P2.

xTool P2 Machine Design

The xTool P2 is contained in a secure black unit with a lid that protects you from the harmful laser beam.

There is a screen on the right hand side of the lid that shows you the status of your machine. At the top of the screen is a progress bar that shows how far along you are with your project. It also shows if your machine is connected via Wifi or USB, an error status, the operating temperature of your machine, and lastly, a small lock graphic that lets you know if the machine lid is locked or unlocked.

xtool p2 laser progress bar

Next to the status screen is a large “go” button that you press to start or pause your project. The light surrounding the button changes colors depending on the status of the machine.

push go button on xtool p2 laser machine

The back of the machine is where the power button is located, as well as the ventilation hose, and fire safety kit attachment (not included).

back of xtool p2 laser machine

On the left side of the machine you will find the USB port and the ethernet port. The P2 connects to your computer with a USB-C cable, which is included with the machine. You can connect to Wi-Fi, too!

usb port and ethernet port on xtool p2

Inside the machine, there’s the laser module, slats, and base tray. There’s also a mirror (access is via a small sliding panel on the left front of the machine, and an auto locking mechanism.

mirror panel on front of xtool p2

The base tray can be removed and is held in place with a small screw at the front (inside) of the machine. If you add the riser base like I have, the base plate will slide into slots on the side of the base to coordinate to the measured height of your item.

The metal slats are removable and are similar to the triangular prisms that are placed inside of the M1. When you place your material on the slats, it raises the material from the baseplate and allows for airflow and exhaust.

slats that go in base of xtool p2

A lot of crafters are familiar with the honeycomb baseplate of other laser machines, and there are things I like and dislike about both. The slats make cutting small designs (like stud earrings) a little more annoying because they fall right through the large gaps. It’s not a huge deal except the material remains more stable on the honeycomb style baseplate. What I like about the slats is that airflow is increased and I have noticed less charring on the bottom of my cuts.

I will likely purchase a piece of honeycomb material that is compatible with the machine to make smaller projects, but I have made tiny little earrings and they turned out great!

xTool P2 Safety Features

CO2 lasers are powerful and can cause injury or fires if not handled correctly. It’s important to remember that you never want to leave the machine unattended while you are cutting or engraving. Additional safety features are necessary to keep you and your workspace safe. The P2 comes equipped with a number of safety features, which makes me happy!

First, the laser and cutting surface is completely enclosed within the machine. The lid is light blocking and seals in smoke and particles to be exhausted by the fan. (Note: if you are sensitive to smells or dust particles, you still may want to consider a mask. No machine will ever get rid of 100% of the smell when cutting or engraving.)

In addition, the lid has an automatic lock function that engages while you are processing your design. That means that kids can’t wander through and open the lid in the middle of cutting or engraving. My laser machine is accessible in my home office, so I really like this feature. It’s unique to the xTool P2!

Plus, the lid has a hydraulic mechanism that holds the lid open so you don’t have to worry about it closing on your fingers.

Another unique feature to the P2 is the emergency stop button on the right side of the machine. You can quickly stop your cut or engrave if there’s an issue. (You can press the go button to pause a cut or engrave, then resume as needed).

emergency stop button on side of xtool p2 laser machine

The P2 also has a multiple function warning system that will let you know if the machine is compromised in any way, like overheating or if you need more cooling liquid.

xTool also makes a Fire Safety accessory that you can purchase, which is a pretty cool idea. It attaches to your machine and automatically detects a fire. It will trigger an alarm as well as extinguish the flames with an odorless CO2 gas. This system is compatible with other xTool laser machines as well.

Since you’ll be using flammable materials, I always recommend having a fire extinguisher near your machine that you can grab very quickly if needed. And again, you should always directly supervise the machine when using the laser.

What Programs Are Compatible With the xTool P2?

xTool has its own design program called xTool Creative Space (XCS). It has a similar(ish) look and functionality as Cricut Design Space. It downloads directly to your computer (it is not web-based.) It has an auto-update feature, and some basic design functions.

In addition, the P2 is compatible with Lightburn, which is a program that I have not used, but a lot of laser crafters love!

You Can Download xTool Creative Space HERE.

I find XCS easy to use and connect to your machine. In my opinion, it is not as intuitive as the Glowforge App, but beginners can learn it quickly.

I would recommend a design program such as Adobe Illustrator if you would like to design your own projects. You can also definitely import free SVGs (like those on my site) or purchased files from places such as Creative Fabrica or Design Bundles. I have a whole list of sites where you can find free SVGs to download as well as a post dedicated to laser ready design projects.

Similar to Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio, and Glowforge, Creative Space can import SVG, PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, DXF, and WEBP files. When you import an image, you can edit it to remove the background similarly to Design Space.

One feature of XCS that is different than other programs is the ability to create basic vector designs. (Vector designs don’t lose quality when the size is changed. It’s a whole thing, but trust me, you want to design and use vector files). Because I use Adobe Illustrator, I don’t necessarily need this function, but for beginners that want to play around with vector points, that’s a nice feature that is included with XCS.

Depending on the machine that is connected to XCS, you will have different settings available to choose from.

Before you process your design, you will have to choose how you are placing the material in the machine, or if it is a rotary engrave or curved surface engrave.

You also have to select the material you are using, or you use custom settings. The auto-measure feature is really useful if you are using materials other than the x-Tool brand.

When you select a design that you would like to laser cut or engrave, you will select each part or group/layer within a design to change the laser settings to Score, Engrave, or Cut.

If you have selected an xTool material, the process settings will be automatically entered, or you can enter user defined settings.

Once you have all of your settings where you want them, you can process your design and the program will sync with the machine. All of the projects I have tested have processed very quickly, which is really nice.

OPINION: I have found some of the xTool provided settings to be inaccurate at times. I almost always test the settings on a small corner of my material before making my whole design.

What Materials Can Be Used with the xTool P2?

The P2 can cut and engrave SO many materials, that you’ll have a hard time trying them all. The significant difference between this laser and a diode laser (like the M1) is that a CO2 laser can cut and engrave all colors of acrylic, including clear! And considering clear acrylic is one of my favorite materials, CO2 laser machines are automatically better than others.

acrylic and wood that can be used with xtool p2 co2 laser

Plus, because the P2 has a 55W laser, you can cut THICK materials, which opens up a myriad of projects you can create.

P2 Laser Materials (Engrave):

  • Wood
  • MDF
  • Acrylic
  • Bamboo
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Fabric
  • Felt
  • Leather
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Jade
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Cement
  • Painted Metal, and More!

P2 Laser Materials (Cut):

  • Wood (including maple, cherry, and walnut)
  • Acrylic
  • MDF
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Bamboo
  • Leather
  • Fabric
  • Plastic

What Can You Make With a Laser Machine?

I have tested several of the materials listed above, and made some really fun projects. Because my machine only came with the small pack of xTool brand materials to test, I immediately jumped in to try other brand materials! Overall I am happy with how the machine worked with all of these materials, and I will note my thoughts with each project below.

3mm Basswood

I made these Monstera Leaf engraved earrings with Basswood that came with the machine. Basswood is not my favorite wood, but it’s affordable and the P2 handled it really well. I masked these earrings with transfer paper from Amazon, which increased the quality. But look at that detail!

wood monstera tropical earrings engraved with xtool p2

3mm Clear Acrylic

This oversized acrylic sign was SO easy to make. I engraved and cut 1/8″ clear acrylic. Because this was a large design, it took a while to engrave, but the quality was very good. The acrylic was masked and I painted the letter engraving with white acrylic paint before I peeled off the mask. The back of the sign is painted with acrylic paint as well.

3mm Walnut Plywood

The base for the sign was cut from 1/8″ walnut plywood and it cut cleanly right away!

acrylic arch sign made with xtool p2 laser machine

3mm Pastel Opaque Acrylic

This is a material that the xTool M1 or other diode laser would have trouble cutting. I set the engrave a little deeper to account for the paper masking that I added to the acrylic. I also added acrylic paint to this keychain before I removed the mask.

vacay mode retro motel keychain made with xtool p2

3mm White Acrylic and Pastel Acrylic

I wanted to test several colors of acrylic, and these turned out perfectly! I did decrease the speed of the laser (from white acrylic settings) by one point to ensure all of the acrylic was cut through.

rainbow layered acrylic keychain made with xtool p2

Wooden Coasters – Score

Score is a fine line that is engraved by the machine. It’s a really quick process and is good if you want to make a lot of projects fast. I tested it on pre-bought thick wooden coasters (they’re from Home Goods) and it worked really well! Being able to engrave items from local stores is an easy way to personalize items for gifts.

wooden pittsburgh coaster engraved with xtool p2

Acrylic Pen Holder

This pen holder is deep enough that I tried out the Riser Base! If you want to engrave thick materials (up to 8.5″ high!), you can adjust the tray within the riser base to get a perfect engrave. I used the 3mm clear acrylic settings and look how perfect this came out! It’s a really professional result.

acrylic pen holder engraved with the xtool p2 laser

3mm Light Maple Plywood

Light maple plywood is another type of plywood that I had from previous projects. It has a slightly gloss coating on top. Look at how detailed these small earrings turned out. It did take a couple of tries to get these just right. I actually liked the results of the basswood much better (which is the usually the opposite!)

pineapple wooden earrings engraved with xtool p2

Engraved Wooden Spoons

I engraved all of these spoons at once to see how accurate the cameras and image placement were. The results were almost exactly perfect! I was impressed, as I have had problems with this type of project on my Glowforge.

This is where the dual cameras work really well! I used the close camera to adjust the image on each spoon!

laser engraved wooden spoons with xtool p2

Engraved Charcuterie Board

This board I picked up from Home Goods was a challenge. But look at how well the bamboo engraved. Because it is so big and thick, I used the riser base and had to adjust the depth a few times to get the auto measure to work properly. I love the results!

charcuterie board engraved with xtool p2 laser and riser base

Tiny Stud Earrings

If you don’t think you can cut very small things with the P2, guess again! These were made with the score function. They did fall right down through the slats as they were cut, so for small projects like these I will consider getting a honeycomb type base to insert! I don’t want small projects to fall down and then be hit by the laser as further pieces are cut.

stud earrings made with xtool p2 laser

What Does the xTool P2 Cost?

The xTool P2 costs $4999, but there are frequently sales. It’s a VALUE in comparison to other CO2 lasers, because the P2 is more powerful and has more features and accessories to increase the capability of the machine. In comparison, a Glowforge Pro with a 45W laser is $6995 plus shipping.

At the writing of this post, the current price of the xTool P2 is $4399 and includes shipping. (Prices are always subject to change.)

Overall xTool P2 Review

I was excited for this machine to arrive, and I wasn’t disappointed. It is a high quality machine and overall is more than comparable to other laser cutters, including the Glowforge. (Dare I say that I like it a little more than my Glowforge?!) I would absolutely consider this machine a good purchase if you are interested in laser crafting.

I think that with the ability to add on accessories like the riser base and the rotary attachment, as well as the dual camera system, it’s a better machine overall than my Glowforge. The only thing that I don’t love about it is that it’s not as user friendly for beginners. Lots of testing is required to achieve perfect results. But for the savings, I think it is TOTALLY worth it.

clear acrylic earring holder cut with co2 laser

Here’s my honest review and opinions after testing the P2:

  • The P2 requires a little bit more setup to get going. It’s not as “plug and play” as I remember my Glowforge was. Taking out the tiny screws to add cooling liquid was somewhat annoying, but I understood that it was vital to the machine. And, if I did not own a Glowforge, I wouldn’t have known that it was any different than any other laser machine setup.
  • Material settings need a little bit of testing to get right. Laser compatible materials are expensive and sometimes only come in small sizes. I dislike wasting time and materials to always do tests on factory settings (I totally get that you have to test non-brand materials). That said, when I get the settings dialed in, they work very well and my results have been worth it.
    I suggest joining the xTool CO2 Facebook Group to see what settings other crafters are using, as well as creating a list of your own custom settings for projects you’ve made. Plus, there’s a new feature in XCS where you can save custom settings!
  • Calibrating the Machine. I noticed some weird cuts and engraves when I started testing bigger material pieces. I needed to calibrate my machine! It was a little crazy to burn holes in tape, but honestly it was kind of nice to be able to troubleshoot my own machine. I found the calibration process to be quick and easy. Just don’t get rid of the little tools that come with your machine!
  • The P2 is powerful and fast and is perfect if you want to start a small business selling your laser crafts. You will be able to produce a lot of crafts if you plan the right projects!
  • xTool Creative Space works perfectly fine as a basic program. I don’t plan on using it to design anything, so it really doesn’t bother me. But if you aren’t as familiar with more powerful design programs, you may be a little more limited.
    When importing projects, I have found the layer selection process to be a little annoying because the layer colors do not default to those that are easy to see on your cutting area. For instance, if your cut layer imports as black and you are cutting black acrylic, it’s SO hard to see your design layer.
    I have also found when designing SVG files that you have to create compound layers so that you can do layer select within XCS. This is not ideal if you want to break apart pieces of your design to fit on scrap material. It’s fine for simple designs, but for more intricate designs I haven’t found it to be convenient. It takes a little bit longer to prep projects.
    To get the most out of XCS, you will have to learn how to use a design editing program like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or another program that handles SVG files. If you’re a true beginner, it’s a learning curve you will have to tackle.
    That all said, xTool has been very good at updating XCS, and I expect them to have fixes in the future.
  • No Estimated Processing Time. In a recent XCS update, the estimated project times were removed. To be honest, the times were never accurate for me, BUT it was still good to know what you were getting yourself into with larger or more intricate designs. Hopefully xTool is just working on that part of the program and it will eventually be returned.
  • At the retail price point of $4995, the P2 is such a good buy. If you want to max out the capability of the machine, you will need to buy additional accessories. I recommend the riser base for sure, and then RA2 Pro or the conveyor feeder if those type of projects interest you. Even if you purchase all of the accessories, you will still come in under the price of a Glowforge Pro.

If you want to learn more about the xTool P2, make sure you subscribe to my xTool mailing list and my YouTube channel. I have videos coming soon, and I plan to share a ton more tutorials and projects using the xTool P2. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below with what project you would like to see me make!

xtool p2 machine review
xtool p2 laser machine review

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