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DIY Taylor Swift Advent Calendar

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Have a Taylor Swift fan in your house this Christmas? Get the supplies and ideas to make your own Taylor Swift Advent Calendar that looks like the Lover House (Holiday House) from the Eras Tour! Create a one-of-a-kind calendar with a mix of small Taylor Swift themed gifts such as earrings, stickers, friendship bracelets, and more!

diy taylor swift lover house advent calendar

I am so excited to share this project with you! Advent calendars are a fun tradition for the countdown to Christmas, and this year is a little more fun with this DIY Taylor Swift Advent Calendar!

I have always been a Taylor Swift fan, but never thought of myself as a “Swiftie.” It’s hard to not pay attention to the career of a chart topping musician and incredibly talented lyricist. I have listened to her music for almost 1/2 of my life! But after spending the last year on a crash course of Taylor Swift fandom with my two daughters, I can safely say that I am now a huge fan!

diy taylor swift lover house advent calendar

My oldest daughter and I spent HOURS waiting to get Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour tickets, and after a few heartbreaks, we got tickets to a Pittsburgh tour date. It was an amazing experience, and I am so lucky to have been able to take my daughter. Going to one of Taylor Swift’s concerts is an easy way to become a Swiftie – she is an incredible performer.

So when I was planning DIY ideas for Christmas, I usually have an advent calendar on my list. At the request of my youngest daughter and niece, I made this DIY Lover House Taylor Swift Advent Calendar! It has 24 days of small Taylor Swift themed gifts, including handmade friendship bracelets, Croc charms, temporary tattoos, earrings, and the last day is a necklace featuring Taylor’s signature!

diy taylor swift lover house advent calendar

Taylor Swift Lover House

The Lover House first appeared in the music video for “Lover,” the title track from Taylor Swift’s seventh album. It is sometimes referred to as the Holiday House, as it was inside of a snow globe that was a Christmas gift in the video.

There are 9 rooms in the Lover House, each representing a Taylor Swift album, or “era.” These are the colors of the rooms that correspond to each album:

  • Green = “Taylor Swift” (self-titled album)
  • Purple = “Speak Now”
  • Yellow = “Fearless”
  • White/Gray = “Folklore”
  • Red = “Red”
  • Blue = “1989”
  • Brown = “Evermore”
  • Pink = “Lover”
  • Black = Reputation
diy taylor swift lover house advent calendar

Lover House made a HUGE re-appearance in The Eras Tour. It served as the backdrop for the “Lover” album set, then was burned down during “Bad Blood” in the 1989 set. Then, at the end of the show in the “Midnights” era, Taylor walks through an orange door that is rumored to be from the Lover House.

The Eras Tour had AMAZING sets (I mean, the huge cabin from “Folklore” appears on the stage), but fans absolutely went crazy for the Lover House. When I found the blank wooden advent calendar house on Amazon, I immediately thought of using paint to turn it into the Lover House.

diy taylor swift lover house advent calendar

DIY Advent Calendar

Advent calendars as we know them are really Christmas Countdown Calendars. Advent, in the traditional definition, is the 4 week celebration leading up Christmas and does not start on December 1st.

Although Christmas Countdown Calendar is a more appropriate term, the most common term is advent calendar, which is why I chose that name for my calendar. (Really, I am just adding that part for my mom, because she might use this opportunity to remind me to get my advent wreath out of storage. Ha!)

What You Need to Make a Lover House Taylor Swift Advent Calendar

Most of the supplies for my calendar came from Amazon (except for the 3D letters/numbers), although you can certainly find some of the DIY supplies at Michaels, Joann, Hobby Lobby, or your local craft store. I have added my supplies to my Amazon Storefront to make it really easy!

If you’re seeing this post after December 1st, you could gift it for Christmas and then every day for 24 days after Christmas could be a new gift. Or, you could make it and put it away for next year!

Here’s a list of everything I used to make the calendar:

  • Blank Wooden House Calendar
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Frog Tape or Painter’s Tape
  • xTool Laser (optional; used for “In My Holiday Era” and numbers)
  • Draftboard (for letters and numbers)
  • Mirrorball Ornament
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glitter and Mod Podge

Creating your own custom version advent calendar is a great way to add in The Eras Tour merchandise, jewelry, keychains, or whatever you want to gift!

diy taylor swift lover house advent calendar

For the paint, I used a thin acrylic paint similar to a craft paint. I liked the consistency of the paint, although some of the lighter colors required more coats of paint.

How to Make a 3D Lover House Advent Calendar

Painting the advent calendar was definitely the longest part of the crafting process.

With the drawers in the advent house, I used Frog Tape to tape the house into sections based on photos I took at The Eras Tour.

Then I painted each section with the corresponding album/era color.

I added detail to the front door area, and then outlined the other areas with a line of black paint just like the cross section of the floors in the Lover House.

Once everything was dry I removed the drawers and painted the top edges of the drawers black. At this point, I also painted roof and outside frame of the house, as well as added some detail to the chimney.

The next step is to cut out all of the letters for “In My Holiday Era” and the numbers for each of the drawers.

I used 3mm Glowforge Draftboard and cut all of the pieces with my xTool P2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine. I used a simple retro style font – if you plan to cut your own, you can use whatever font you would like! I also cut a thin rectangle to glue all of the letters on to.

Then, I used Mod Podge and holographic glitter to cover the “In My Holiday Era” letters as well as the larger “13” that I used. (For all non-Swifties reading this post, December 13th is Taylor Swift’s birthday and is her lucky number!)

After the glitter has dried, glue all of the numbers to the drawers, and secure the letters to the inside of the roof.

The last step is to glue the mirrorball ornament in the peak of the roof. I used a hot glue gun to attach the ornament string to the roof so it hangs down a little bit.

diy taylor swift lover house advent calendar

Tips for Creating Your Own
Taylor Swift Advent Calendar

  • If you don’t have a laser cutter like I do, that’s ok! Use stickers, precut numbers and letters, vinyl cut on your Cricut or Silhouette, or just paint them! Do whatever works for you and your budget.
  • 24 Days of gifts adds up quickly! The stickers, Croc charms, and tattoos all come in packs of multiple designs. Split them up over all of the days to save some money.
  • Friendship bracelets are an important part of attending The Eras Tour, so I made one for each Taylor Swift album. You don’t have to make your own, though! Grab a pack from Amazon or any number of Etsy shops that sell handmade friendship bead bracelets.

Small Gifts to Put in a Taylor Swift Advent Calendar

You can add anything to each of the drawers! I kept everything small and inexpensive since it’s intended for my 8 yr old daughter.

  • Heishi Beads, Letter Beads, and String for Friendship Bracelets
  • Taylor Swift Stickers
  • Taylor Swift 13 Tattoos
  • Taylor Swift Croc Charms
  • Heart Earrings (I cut them with my xTool P2, but you can buy any small Taylor Swift themed earrings you want)
  • Taylor “Signature” necklace – there are lots of options online

Here are some other ideas for small items to include in a Taylor Swift countdown to Christmas calendar. I have also included some bigger items that you could use for Day 24, or as larger Taylor Swift themed gifts for the calendar. Just put a note in the drawer that matches the larger pre-wrapped gift!

As with all of my including ideas, they’re all in my Amazon Shopping List!

Don’t forget to pin this post to your favorite Christmas or DIY board on Pinterest!

diy taylor swift lover house advent calendar
diy taylor swift lover house advent calendar with small gifts

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