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xTool F1 Ultra Review: Dual Fiber Laser and Diode Laser for Crafters

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I am so excited to show you the world’s first 20W fiber laser and 20W diode dual laser for home crafts! If you have wanted a fiber laser but want to save space and money, this craft laser machine might be the one for you! The xTool F1 Ultra can cut and engrave wood, all metals, acrylic, leather, plastic, and more! The addition of the 20W infrared fiber laser allows you to deep engrave, 3D emboss, and cut thin metals. You will love learning what this fun new machine can do!

f1 ultra xtool laser craft machine review

Makeblock provided me with a xTool F1 machine to test, but all of my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

xTool F1 Ultra Laser

xTool has become my go-to laser machine brand for the last few years. Between my xTool P2, xTool S1, xTool M1, and xTool F1, I have been able to make projects on all of their popular laser craft machines! I have been blown away with their commitment to produce quality and affordable laser machines for crafters like myself. Plus, xTool is always developing for the latest technology that can help me grow my small business.

The newest machine that I have had the opportunity to test is the F1 Ultra. It is a dual 20W fiber laser and 20W diode laser (yes, a fiber laser!) and it is designed especially for crafters that really want to take their metal craft projects to the next level.

xtool f1 ultra dual fiber and diode laser craft machine
custom metal engraved bar necklace with monsteras

Fiber lasers handle metals that CO2, Diode, and other Infrared lasers can not interact with, and are known by most crafters as the laser than can cut metal! I was excited to learn that the xTool F1 Ultra can cut thin brass, aluminum, and stainless steel! Here are just some of the metals that you can use with a fiber laser:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Brass

Until the F1 Ultra, fiber lasers have typically been reserved for professional and commercial users. But now, crafters have access to the power and portability of a fiber laser at home!

What is the xTool F1 Ultra?

The xTool F1 Ultra is the newest laser to hit the craft market, and is unique in that it combines the power of a 20W fiber laser and a 20W diode laser beam in a galvo laser module to expand your craft projects to include metals, wood, some acrylics, plastic, leather, and more.

Although quite a bit larger than the xTool F1, it is still portable and able to be used to craft on the go! How fun would it be to take the F1 Ultra with you to quickly personalize jewelry, ornaments, coasters, and other small items at a craft show!? If you’ve been wanting to engrave metal for crafts to sell, this might be the laser engraver for you!

The xTool F1 Ultra is even great for home crafters that have other laser machines such as the CO2 xTool P2 that want to expand their crafting potential without the use of marking sprays or other “work arounds” for engraving all kinds of metal.

xtool f1 ultra dual fiber and diode laser craft machine next to xtool f1

What Kind of Laser is the xTool F1 Ultra?

The xTool F1 Ultra contains two lasers: a 20W fiber laser and a 20W diode laser. It is the only machine currently on the market that combines both of those types of lasers in one machine. (xTool does make the xTool D1 and S1 that have interchangeable laser heads so you can swap between a diode and infrared laser, as well as the F1 that contains a dual diode laser and infrared laser.)

Note: the laser types do not operate simultaneously.

If you want to compare laser types, materials you can cut or engrave, and figure out what the best laser machine is for you, make sure you check out this laser machine comparison post.

What is a Fiber Laser?

The most important addition to the F1 Ultra machine is the fiber laser. A fiber laser is similar to an infrared laser in that it operates in the same invisible or infrared spectrum, but a fiber laser is named for the fiber optic cable that the light is directed through.

As the light passes through the fiber optic cable, it is converged through special lenses to form a powerful laser beam. The wavelength at which the light is emitted is determined by the material used in the core of the fiber optic cable.

The original xTool F1 contains a 2W infrared laser module. Fiber lasers are much more complex than 1064nm infrared lasers, and are much more powerful. Just like the xTool F1 Ultra, they start at around 20W of optical power and can go up to several hundred watts. Therefore, they interact with materials much differently than infrared laser modules, and are designed to cut and can deep engrave most metals.

Fiber lasers are typically unaffordable for home crafters. Powerful fiber lasers run several to tens of thousands of dollars. The F1 Ultra is more affordable and perfect for crafters that want an entry-level fiber laser. With the combination of the two types of lasers, you can maximize the amount of crafts you can make, especially for small businesses.

What Comes in the xTool F1 Ultra Box?

Everything that you need to get started comes with the xTool F1 Ultra laser:

  • xTool F1 Ultra Desktop Laser Machine
  • Power Adapter
  • Power Cord
  • Ventilation Pipe
  • USB cable for connection to computer
  • L-shaped positioning piece
  • Prism Plate for placing materials to cut instead of engrave
  • Lint Free Cloth -to clean the lens
  • USB Keys – required to be in the machine during operation for safety
  • Sample Pack of Materials (including metal business cards, metal pet tags, wood, slate coaster, and more)

What is Not Included with the xTool F1 Ultra?

There are no accessories included with the machine. The optional air filter, RA2 Pro rotary accessory, and conveyor belt for batch processing are accessories that will really add to the versatility of the machine. In addition, safety glasses are not included if you are cutting or engraving materials without the light blocking cover completely down.

Does the xTool F1 Ultra Come Assembled?

Yes. The xTool F1 Ultra comes preassembled. You only have to remove protective shipping materials and attach the ventilation pipe. I felt that the machine was packaged really well and I was impressed at how secure the included parts and materials were packaged.

side view of f1 ultra with connection ports

The xTool Ultra connects via WiFi as well as via USB/USB-C connection to your laptop or computer.

Do You Need to Vent the xTool F1 Ultra Laser Engraver Out a Window?

Yes, the smoke and fumes that are created when laser cutting or engraving materials need to be vented out a window. Alternatively, you can also purchase the air filter accessory so that you can take your machine anywhere!

I have the air purifier attached to my xTool F1 Ultra and I absolutely love it. I was able to place the F1 Ultra right on top of my desk, and the smoke purifier on the floor right next to my desk. That is how compact the machine and filter are! When operating, the filter machine does a great job of containing the dust and smell, but sensitive individuals should consider wearing protective breathing masks.

xTool F1 Ultra Technical Specs & Measurements

How Big is the xTool F1 Ultra Laser Engraver and Cutter?

The dimensions of the F1 Ultra are approximately 10.75″ x 14.68″ x 19.37″ (273mm x 373mm x 492mm). It weighs just about 32.5 pounds (14.7kg) and is easily lifted or moved. Even though it is considerably larger than the original F1, it is still portable! I love being able to set it on my desk!

I set up the machine on my craft desk in the middle of my office for testing, but it could easily be placed on my smaller computer desk, a craft cart like my rolling Ikea drawer unit, or a folding table at a craft show or outdoor craft fair.

xtool f1 ultra dual fiber and diode laser craft machine

xTool F1 Ultra Cutting Area

The F1 Ultra is designed to handle projects that are a little bigger than the F1, and I love it! The cut/engraving area is about 8.7″ square with rounded corners. (That is double the working area of the F1!) You can expand the working area to approximately 8.7″ x 19.7″ with the conveyor belt (sold separately). The metal surface is designed to completely protect your work space underneath the machine.

Unique Features of the xTool F1 Ultra

  • It is the world’s first desktop laser machine that integrates a 20W fiber laser with a 20W diode laser in the same housing – no switching laser modules!
  • The 20W fiber laser has enough power deep engrave on metals, 3D emboss on wood, metal, and rocks, and CUT thin metal pieces. – giving you more creative freedom and more professional looking finished projects.
  • Largest Desktop Galvo Laser Module on the market – the working space of the laser is increased without sacrificing quality.
  • 3D curve engraving is possible with the RA2 Pro accessory.
  • Built in positioning camera + blue light framing to make sure your design is placed on the material right – the first time!
  • Super Fast – the F1 Ultra laser is 10x faster than common diode lasers on the market! Up to 10,000mm/s!
  • Conveyor Belt – batch process your projects with ease! Place your projects on the belt and watch the F1 Ultra and Creative Space work their magic so you don’t have to reload individual pieces.
  • Touch Screen Control Panel – the control panel houses 7GB of storage so you can actually store projects on the control panel and then operate the machine without an attaching computer/PC/iPad.
separate control panel and go button for xtool f1 ultra

xTool F1 Ultra Design

When I took the F1 Ultra out of the box, I loved that it looked just like a big F1. I think the design is great and it looks nice sitting on a desk!

The F1 Ultra is a small vertically oriented unit with a green double layered light blocking cover that slides up and down over the processing area.

It has a silver baseplate that protects your work surface. The base has small screw holes where you can place the L-shaped positioning piece. That piece can be used for batch processing so that you know your material is in the right place every time.

On the touch screen control panel, you can adjust the positioning of the laser and access saved projects, plus a large button at the bottom to initiate your projects.

What Design Programs Can You Use with xTool F1 Ultra?

xTool Creative Space (XCS) is the proprietary design program that can be used with xTool laser machines.

You Can Download xTool Creative Space HERE.

xTool is constantly updating the features within XCS which I really like. I have been using the Beta Version that is compatible with the F1 Ultra and I really like the upgrades XCS is getting ! I am excited to see it in it’s finished form. One thing I love about XCS is that all features in Creative Space are FREE, which is different from other craft laser machines.

I would recommend a design program such as Adobe Illustrator if you would like to design your own projects. You can also definitely import free SVGs (like those on my site) or purchased files from places such as Creative Fabrica or Design Bundles. I have a whole list of sites where you can find free SVGs to download as well as a post dedicated to laser ready design projects.

One feature of XCS that is different from other laser engraver software is the ability to create basic vector designs. (Vector designs don’t lose quality when the size is changed. It’s a whole thing, but trust me, you want to design and use vector files). Because I use Adobe Illustrator, I don’t necessarily need this function, but for beginners that want to play around with vector points, that’s a nice feature that is included with XCS.

What Types of Files Work with xTool F1 Ultra Laser Engraving and Cutting?

You can upload designs in SVG, DXF, JPG, PNG, BMP, and other common file types. The most important thing to know here is that you can upload both vector and raster files.

Safety Features of the xTool F1 Ultra

The fully enclosed protective cover keeps you safe from the laser light as well as keeps the smoke inside the machine.

There is a strong built in fan which will pull the smoke or particles through the ventilation pipe out a window or into the smoke purifier. If you use the smoke filter accessory, there is also an adjustable fan to ensure that all particles are removed from the cutting and engraving area.

There is a red emergency stop button on the side of the machine to stop the engraving or cutting process in case of any errors.

A small key must be inserted into the back of the machine for it to function. If you keep the key secure, little hands can’t operate the machine accidentally.

If you’re going to cut or engrave with the cover open, you should have protective safety glasses that block blue and infrared light from harming your eyes.

You should never leave your machine unattended, and always be careful when you are operating any machine around children.

engraved metal bookmarks with celestial pattern

Materials That Can Be Used With the xTool F1 Ultra Laser Machine

Because of the dual laser functions, there are tons of materials that will work with the F1. xTool has a wide range of materials on their website that work great with their lasers.

The 20W diode laser can cut a variety of common materials including wood (up to 12mm thick) and certain colors of acrylic (black acrylic up to 12mm). A diode laser + fiber laser engraving machine expands the available materials for you to use SO much!

F1 Ultra 20W Diode Laser Materials (Engrave):

  • Wood
  • Acrylic (some colors)
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Fabric
  • Felt
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Slate Coasters
  • and More!

F1 Ultra 20W Diode Laser Materials (Cut)

  • Wood (including maple, cherry, and walnut)
  • Bamboo
  • Acrylic (some colors)
  • MDF
  • Leather
  • Most paper and fabric products, and more!

F1 Ultra Fiber Laser Materials (Engrave):

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Iron
  • Acrylic (even clear!)
  • Plastic
  • Rubber, and More!

F1 Ultra Fiber Laser Materials (Cut):

  • Brass (0.4mm thick)
  • Stainless Steel (0.3 mm thick)
  • Aluminum (0.2mm thick)
f1 ultra xtool laser craft machine review

Projects You Can Make with the xTool F1 Ultra

I got an early model of the machine, so I have made som test projects! I am excited to keep creating designs and testing this machine!

Metal Stamp for Wax Seals

I have always wanted to make one of these stamps, and the F1 Ultra was the perfect machine! I am going to make wax seals for my daughter’s graduation thank you cards!

wax seal stamp engraved by xtool f1 ultra with M and graduation cap on the stamp

Engraved Metal Bar Necklace

I tried a slightly deeper engrave on this 3D bar necklace. It only took about 1.5 minutes per side!

custom metal engraved bar necklace with monsteras

Engraved Metal Bookmarks

I have been holding on to this bookmark design for a long time, and I decided to use it on these metal bookmarks from xTool. They turned out awesome and are perfect for my re-read of ACOTAR!

engraved metal bookmarks with celestial pattern

3D Emboss Engrave on Slate Coaster

Embossing is one of the coolest things about the F1 Ultra. It is difficult to get the right type of file (I have more that I am testing!) but for the meantime, I tested a file from xTool on a slate coaster. Look how cool!

3d embossing engraved in slate coaster by xtool f1 ultra

What is the Price of the xTool F1 Ultra?

The list price for the xTool F1 Ultra laser engraver and cutter is $4799. But at the time of writing this post, it was on sale for $3999 (subject to change). That includes everything in the box (plus currently a free material card for $79), but none of the additional accessories. There’s also a bundle with the smoke purifier, conveyor belt, and rotary accessory for $6695 (currently on sale for $5199). Be sure watch for upcoming sales! Plus, I have a personal discount code that you can use!

USE CODE: Charynn100 for an additional $100 off xTool site purchases over $1699.

Frequently Asked Questions about xTool F1 Ultra

Does the F1 Ultra Engrave or Mark Metal?

The F1 Ultra, because it has a fiber laser, will be able to deep engrave in metal objects like brass, silver, gold, copper, and more metals!

Depending on the settings that you use with infrared fiber laser and diode laser processing, the laser will also mark metals. Deep engraving or cutting metals typically takes many more passes of the laer, as well as slower speeds.

Overall xTool F1 Ultra Review

After testing the original F1 machine and loving the metal projects I could make (like all of these metal jewelry projects!), I was SO excited to get the F1 Ultra. It didn’t disappoint me! I love how fast and powerful it is. Even though the working area is so much larger, that it is portable enough to have at a craft show booth or in a small shop. I think it’s the best options for an entry level fiber laser machine OR an add-on if you have a bustling craft business and want to add engraved metal crafts.

The xTool accessories (like the rotary attachment and conveyor belt) and the portability set this machine apart from the other diode or CO2 lasers. It’s quick to set up and it is so convenient that I can just set it right on my desk where I’m working.

Here are my honest opinions after testing the F1 Ultra:

  • The F1 Ultra is very easy to set up. Remove the packaging, connect the hose and cords, and you’re ready to go. I made my first project in just a few minutes. If you need an easy and quick machine that doesn’t require technical knowledge to set up, this might be the best choice for you.
  • Having an Fiber Laser combined with a Diode Laser is amazing. Because I have a CO2 laser, I really love engraving on clear acrylic. The fiber laser allows you to engrave on clear and transparent colored acrylic, which means you can engrave jewelry made from precious metals or clear ornaments that you can’t with a diode. Plus, even with the dual lasers it can engrave at such a high speed that I was impressed.
  • I love that the F1 Ultra includes a camera. I like using the framing, but having the camera is a nice addition. It is so awesome to see your design on your project right inside XCS!
  • Deep engraving and cutting metals can be slow, depending on your design. You can definitely achieve a deep metal engrave and cut thin metal with this machine, but keep in mind that this is an entry level fiber laser, not a professional machine that costs tens of thousands of dollars. If you are planning to mass product deep engraved metal projects or cut metal (like brass necklaces), you may be disappointed with the speed of this machine. But for small individual projects, it’s amazing!
  • If you want to start a small business, or already have one and want to add engraved metal crafts, I really like this machine! It’s not as expensive as a large fiber laser, and I think that you could easily make money with the projects you design with the F1 Ultra.
  • The F1 Ultra wins for being portable. I think that the idea of taking this machine to a craft show and customizing small items like necklaces or ornaments on the spot is genius. So many people complain about how craft shows are just the same thing over and over. Having the F1 Ultra sitting right next to you and being able to personalize purchases will definitely make you stand out! Customers will be immediately attracted just with how the machine looks!
  • The accessories are awesome but pricey. I really think the accessories for this machine set it apart, but they are a significant extra cost if you’re just getting started with laser crafts. That said, you could definitely use the F1 Ultra as is for a while and then save up to add on the accessories. They are worth it!
  • If you already have a F1, don’t worry: I still think it’s an awesome machine and is perfect if you are getting started with a small business. I consider the F1 Ultra to be an upgrade, and a really good one. It is especially good for a thriving small business that focuses on personalized items!

Is the xTool F1 Ultra worth it? The xTool F1 Ultra laser engraver and cutting machine is easy to use and effective at engraving a ton of materials that a diode or CO2 can’t handle. Plus, now I can 3D emboss, deep engrave, as well as cut thin metal! I am so excited to have a fiber laser among my laser machine collection It will definitely hold a permanent place in my craft room!

Shop the xTool F1 Ultra HERE and make sure you use my code: Charynn100 for $100 off purchases over $1699!

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