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25+ Breakfast in Bed Recipes for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to plan ideas to celebrate! Show your appreciation for all of the hard work Mom does all year with breakfast in bed! I’ve collected 25+ thoughtful Breakfast in Bed Recipes for Mother’s Day that your family can make and everyone can enjoy!

breakfast in bed recipe ideas for mother's day with examples

Thoughtful Breakfast in Bed Recipes for Mother’s Day

I am a mom of 4 kids, so I know how nice it is to take a break on Mother’s Day and step out of the kitchen! We never want to go out to eat because it is always SO crowded, so my kids and husband make me breakfast in bed!

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When the kids were really little it was just coffee and something simple, but as they have gotten older, they try out more difficult recipes! I have even been known to help them prep the night before so they could make the morning feel like a special treat for me.

I have gathered some easy and tasty breakfast in bed recipes that your significant other and your kids can make together to surprise mom on her special day. And don’t worry if you’re not a culinary expert – I have found recipes simple enough for even the youngest chefs to help out with.

So whether you’re a dad looking to help your kids make mom feel special, or a mom who wants to treat herself to a delicious breakfast in bed, these recipes are sure to make Mother’s Day morning a memorable one.

Breakfast Recipes for Mother’s Day

Banana bread is an easy treat that can be made the day before and your little ones can help mix and bake!

Easy Banana Bread Recipe by Pineapple Paper Co.
Easy Banana Bread Recipe
Banana Bread is an easy recipe that the whole family will love, not just mom!
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I love simple breakfasts, and my Berries and Cream recipe (with or without the bourbon) is one of my favorites! You can use it as a main dish or on the side of an omelette or pancakes.

Berries and Cream Recipe with Bourbon Cream
Berries and Cream Recipe for the Kentucky Derby
This is a simple and delicious recipe that I created for Derby weekend – which is just before Mother's Day. Berries and cream is a fresh and sweet way to start the morning, and you can place it in a small bowl or dessert cup for breakfast in bed!
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If your kids or husband want to try something different, my Espresso Monkey Bread recipe is delicious and has just the right amount of coffee flavor.

Espresso Coffee Cake Monkey Bread
Espresso Coffee Cake Monkey Bread
This decadent Espresso Coffee Cake Monkey Bread is perfect for any holiday brunch or for mom to enjoy in bed while the rest of the family eats downstairs!
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My kids and I love to get these waffles when we go out to eat, so my daughter added them to the list as a Mother’s Day brunch treat they would enjoy too.

Liege Waffles – Love From the Oven
Liege Waffles are a delightful treat that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. These incredible liege style waffles have a light and crispy crust, with an inside so soft and chewy, you’ll think you’re dreaming.
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French toast is a family favorite and is easy to make! Grab a loaf of Brioche bread the day before and have some fresh fruit to put on top.

Brioche French Toast – Love From the Oven
Brioche French Toast might just be the most delicious French toast you ever have. Easy to make and on the table in under 30 minutes, this buttery, flavorful French toast is one you’ll make again and again.
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This bread pudding recipe reminds me of my kids’ favorite breakfast – chocolate chip pancakes! But this recipe can be made ahead and easily served in bed the next morning.

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding – Salt and Spoon
Chocolate chip bread pudding is a delicious and indulgent treat that is sure to please any crowd. This timeless classic can easily be served warm or cold, making it a great option for Mother’s Day breakfast in bed!
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How gorgeous are these rolls? They would be perfect to gift to my mom or for my oldest son to make – he has learned to love to bake!

Almond Rolls with Cherry Glaze – Live to Sweet
These Almond Rolls with Cherry Glaze are filled with homemade almond filling and topped with a gorgeous cherry glaze! The perfect way to celebrate Mom!
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Cinnamon rolls are always a big hit and with the addition of homemade dulce de leche – yes please!

Chocolate Dulce de Leche Rolls – Live to Sweet
These Chocolate Dulce de Leche Rolls are soft sweet rolls filled with chocolate filling and homemade dulce de leche, and topped with dulce de leche cream cheese frosting swirled with dark chocolate ganache!
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Egg muffins that can be baked right in a muffin tin and mixed up by little kids is the perfect quick and easy recipe for Mother’s Day.

Sausage Egg Muffins – The Cooking Duo
Are you looking for a delicious and easy breakfast meal that everyone in the family will love? Try these tasty Sausage Egg Muffins! Not only are they incredibly simple to make, but they include minimal ingredients cooked in just 20 minutes!
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It’s no surprise that I love tropical flavors, and this twist on overnight oats look amazing!

Simple Pina Colada Overnight Oats With Coconut Milk (Vegan) – Cuisine And Travel
These Pina Colada Overnight Oats are made with coconut milk and are vegan friendly. This tropical breakfast is incredibly healthy, delicious, and the perfect way to start your morning!
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Two of my favorite things in one breakfast recipe: crepes and lemon!

French Lemon Crêpes – Emma Duckworth Bakes
These classic French Lemon Crêpes are the ideal option for a delicious breakfast or as an after-dinner dessert treat. Soft, buttery, and delicate, this traditional crêpes recipe is served with simple sugar and lemon juice for a sweet citrus hit.
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Here’s another french toast recipe with a fun ingredient: Earl Grey tea! I can’t wait to try these for myself if my kids and husband don’t make them for Mother’s Day.

Earl Grey Custard French Toast – Emma Duckworth Bakes
The perfect weekend treat or a Mother’s Day brunch consists of this Earl Grey-infused Brioche French Toast served with homemade blackberry jam. Buttery brioche bread dipped in a tea-infused custard is a revelation!
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If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love these pancakes drizzled with caramel and coconut.

Simple Banana Ricotta Pancakes – Emma Duckworth Bakes
Moist and fluffy pancakes are topped with freshly sliced banana, drizzled in luxurious caramel sauce and sprinkled with desiccated coconut. A fabulous twist on your regular pancakes, they will have you coming back for more.
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Frittata recipes are always easy to whip up and are perfect for breakfast in bed and/or brunch with mom!

Delicious Sausage Frittata with Veggies – Suburban Simplicity
Try this oven-baked Sausage Frittata with Veggies for Mother's Day! Fluffy eggs, creamy cheese, sausage, and your choice of vegetable make a quick and easy family favorite.
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If mom is trying to stay healthy this year, I have some easy recipes that are not overly indulgent or sweet. Let’s start with these yummy carrot and banana muffins.

banana carrot muffins on cooling rack
Banana Carrot Muffins – May Eighty Five
Perfect healthy breakfast-in-bed treat, these Banana Carrot Muffins are packed with healthy ingredients like shredded carrots, mashed bananas and whole wheat flour!
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I love that you can customize these healthy waffle sandwiches with mom’s favorite foods!

Whole Wheat Waffle Sandwich Recipe - May Eighty Five
Whole Wheat Waffle Sandwich Recipe – May Eighty Five
If you are looking for a fun twist for your next weekend brunch or a special mother's day treat, then these waffle sandwiches are for you! Perfect for the whole family, and the best thing about this waffle sandwich is that you can customizable it with whatever fillings you want.
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These biscoff cinnamon rolls are sweet, but YUM.

Biscoff Cinnamon Rolls – Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream
These Biscoff cinnamon rolls could not be easier. With only three ingredients you can be munching on these warm delicious scrolls in just thirty minutes.
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The BEST Flakey Blueberry Biscuits – Rich and Delish
These blueberry biscuits are loaded with bursting blueberries, have a flakey and buttery texture, and are perfect with a drizzle of honey next to a cup of coffee or tea for breakfast!
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How gorgeous are these Strawberry danishes from Rich and Delish?

The Best Strawberry Danish – Rich and Delish
This bakery-style strawberry danish is made with frozen puff pastry, fresh strawberries, and cream cheese filling, and is topped with either powdered sugar or zesty lemon glaze.
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Easy Chocolate Crescent Rolls - From Valerie's Kitchen
Easy Chocolate Crescent Rolls – From Valerie’s Kitchen
These Chocolate Crescent Rolls are so easy to make and will remind you of a chocolate croissant from a bakery. Store-bought crescent rolls are baked with a sweet mascarpone and chocolate filling to create these irresistible pastries.
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Do you have Bluey fans in your house? Convince the kids to help with this Australian take on pancakes for breakfast in bed!

Pikelets (Baby Pancakes) – Aussie Home Cook
These pikelets or baby pancakes are a quick and easy treat. Perfect for the kids to help make for breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. Don't forget the syrup!
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The BEST Gluten Free Kolaches Recipe – The Glutenless Maximus
The dough is made with a combination of gluten-free flour, yeast, sugar, eggs, and butter, and is mixed together in an electric mixer with a dough hook. The apricot filling is made by simmering dried apricots, sugar, water, vanilla extract, and salt together, then blending until smooth.
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Back to the healthy recipes! Check out these vegan muffins rom Avocado Skillet.

Vegan Banana Oatmeal Muffins with Chocolate Chips – Avocado Skillet
These vegan banana muffins are delicious. They go great with a cup of coffee for breakfast!
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3 Ingredient Banana Oat Pancakes (Vegan) – Avocado Skillet
These easy to make 3 ingredient pancakes make the perfect breakfast in bed recipe. They are delicious and healthy for you!
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If you or your mom is a fan of Keto recipes, these sheet pan pancakes will check off a few different boxes: easy, healthy, and delicious!

Keto Sheet Pan Pancakes – Low Carb Spark
Making keto pancakes for Mother’s Day has never been easier! These keto sheet pan pancakes are fluffy, buttery, and delicious. Mom can enjoy a delicious  keto breakfast recipe that’s ready in under 30 minutes and made with just a few ingredients.
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You can’t get more healthy than a carrot omelette. It’s an interesting ingredient that makes these omelettes so delicious!

Carrot Omelette - Sava's Kitchen
Carrot Omelette – Sava’s Kitchen
Carrot omelette is a high protein and balanced breakfast idea that is ready in under 20 minutes. Such a beautiful and nutritious meal!
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Caramelized Stuffed French Toast With Macerated Strawberries - Scratch Market
Caramelized Stuffed French Toast With Macerated Strawberries – Scratch Market
This decadent stuffed French toast with strawberries recipe is sure to start your day off right! The cream cheese filling is delicious and satisfying, while the macerated strawberries add a touch of sweetness to the crispy yet pillowy soft French toasted challah bread.
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Even the littlest kids can help mix pancakes in a ziploc bag! If you’re worried about the mess that kids can make in the kitchen, don’t be! They can mix the ingredients, and you can handle the stove!

Pancakes in a Bag – Homan at Home
Make pancakes in a bag with only a few kitchen ingredients and a Ziploc baggie! Kids love squishing the batter and then squeezing it out on the griddle.
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Remember, the key to a successful breakfast in bed is to keep it simple and enjoyable for everyone involved. Whether you opt for classic pancakes, delicious French toast, or a healthy overnight oats recipe, the most important ingredient is always love.

We hope these recipes inspire you to get creative in the kitchen and create a morning filled with love, laughter, and delicious food. Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!

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