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DIY Leather Earrings with Foil

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Make your own easy DIY Leather Earrings with your Cricut Machine and the Foil Transfer Kit. Faux leather earrings are so lightweight you won’t even know you’re wearing them, plus they’re stylish and on trend.

DIY Leather Earrings with Foil by Pineapple Paper Co.

Have you seen how popular leather earrings are lately? Grab your Cricut and some scrap faux leather and make your own! They’re so easy to make, you won’t be able to stop at just one pair. I made two new earring designs and cut them out of faux leather, and I added metallic foil details with the Cricut Foil Transfer System.

DIY Leather Earrings with Foil by Pineapple Paper Co.

You could definitely make DIY leather earrings without a Cricut – all you need is scissors – but I love how clean the edges are when cut by my machine. But if you don’t have a Cricut, just grab some leather and earring findings and you will have earrings in a few minutes!

One of the reasons that leather earrings are really popular right now is because they’re SO light. You can barely tell you’re wearing earrings! I used faux leather for this project because it is even lighter than real leather but gives the same look. Plus, the new foil transfer sheets from Cricut also work especially well on faux leather.

DIY Leather Earrings with Foil by Pineapple Paper Co.

Supplies You Need to Make Your Own Leather Earrings

DIY Leather Earrings Cricut Supplies

How to Make Leather Earrings with your Cricut

New to the Foil Transfer System? Make sure you read these posts before you get started!

Get the Cricut Design Space Files:

Plaid Double Faux Leather Earrings
Flower Foil Earrings

The following brief tutorial follows the steps with the Plaid Double Tear Drop Earrings in faux leather. The same instructions apply to the flower foil earrings.

Open the earring file in Cricut Design Space (you may have to open the designs in the web version instead of the app.)

Size the earrings (generally from 1.5-2.5 inches) depending on how big you want them.

Click the green “Make It” button when you’re ready to cut. Move the design away from the edge a little bit so it’s easier to remove the foil before cutting.

NOTE: Place the faux leather on the mat RIGHT SIDE UP. Design Space may try to tell you to put it shiny side down – which is important if you’re not foiling the faux leather. Placing the shiny side down will protect your mats a little better from the fibers of the faux leather.

Attach the foil to the faux leather, making sure to cover an area larger than will be foiled. If the included tape from the foil transfer kit isn’t sticking well enough, you can use masking tape. I did, and it worked great!

Cricut Foil on Faux Leather with Masking Tape

Follow the instructions on Design Space to insert the appropriate foil tip in clamp B, and remove foil as instructed before cutting. It’s one thing I love about the foil transfer kit – because it’s entirely integrated with Design Space, all of the steps are laid out perfectly for you.

Look for the lines on the foil transfer tip to indicate which tip is fine, medium, and bold.

Cricut Foil Transfer Tip

The foil reveal is my favorite part!

Removing Cricut Foil from Faux Leather

When the earrings are finished, remove carefully from the mat and insert earring hooks into the provided holes. That’s it!

The gold foil gives these earrings a slight metallic sparkle and it’s so pretty!

DIY Leather Earrings with Foil by Pineapple Paper Co.

These plaid earrings are so perfect for Fall!

DIY Leather Earrings with Foil by Pineapple Paper Co.

The silver and navy combination in this pair would really stand out! It’s amazing how much detail can be transferred with the foil tips.

DIY Leather Earrings with Foil by Pineapple Paper Co.


Pin Cricut Leather Earrings with Foil

DIY Leather Earrings with Foil by Pineapple Paper Co.

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