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DIY Halloween Earrings

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Learn how to make these easy DIY Halloween Earrings with your Cricut or Glowforge machine. Plus, download the FREE SVG files to make ghost and spiderweb earrings.

DIY Ghost and Spiderweb Earrings for Halloween using the Glowforge or Cricut

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I am so excited to share the new Halloween earrings I just made with my Glowforge! DIY acrylic earrings were one of the first projects I wanted to make as soon as my Glowforge Pro arrived, and since Halloween is right around the corner, I made DIY ghosts and spiderweb earrings!

DIY Laser Cut Acrylic Spiderweb Earrings

These DIY Halloween earring files will also work with the Cricut machine if you want to make some adorable ghost earrings like these:

DIY Ghost Earrings with Cricut

If you’re new and wondering how I made these acrylic earrings, make sure you check out my post that fills you in on ALL you need to know about a Glowforge!

What you Need to Make Acrylic Halloween Earrings

DIY Acrylic Ghost Halloween Earrings made with a Glowforge by Pineapple Paper Co.

How to Make your Own Halloween Earrings

If you want to make your Halloween earrings out of 1/8″ acrylic, you’ll need a 3D Laser Printer such as a Glowforge. A Cricut Maker or Silhouette is not equipped to cut materials such as cast acrylic.

NOTE: These files CAN be used with a Cricut machine, however the spiderwebs are quite detailed and may not cut cleanly. The ghosts are perfect and can be made in a couple of minutes, though! You can construct them from a couple of layers of kraft board, or even chipboard if you have a Cricut Maker.

If you’re using a Cricut, read this post for a tutorial and more FREE Earring SVG files: DIY Cricut Pineapple Earrings (I also can’t wait to make these on my Glowforge!)

Turn on your Glowforge and place your material on the tray. Open the Glowforge app and place your earrings on the material.

Size your earrings as desired. Follow the onscreen instructions to cut out the earrings (notice above it’s less than 3 minutes!) I love watching it do it’s thing!

Glowforge Cutting Acrylic Halloween Earrings
(don’t look at the laser!)

Here’s what the Halloween earrings look like just out of the Glowforge.

DIY Acrylic Ghost Halloween Earrings made with a Glowforge by Pineapple Paper Co.

Peel off the paper masking and clean the earrings with a microfiber cloth.

Peeling Mask off of DIY Acrylic Ghost Earrings on Glowforge

If you’re making the ghost earrings, just slide the hooks through the hole at the top of the ghost.

Putting an Earring Hook on DIY Ghost Acrylic Earrings made with a Glowforge

I used jump rings to connect the spiderwebs to a small round disc so that they could be post earrings instead of hooks.

Crafting Acrylic Earrings for Halloween with the Glowforge

To attach the earring posts, I used E6000 glue which has worked well for bonding the back to the acrylic. There is also acrylic glue that you can purchase on Amazon.

How to Make Acrylic Earrings for Halloween with a Glowforge

I hold the earring post just at the top of the glue tube so that I don’t have to use the applicator nozzle.

Gluing Earring Post to Acrylic Halloween Earrings

Although the earrings to dry for 24 hours, and they’re done (they will be set in about 20 minutes but need the full time to cure).

DIY Laser Cut Acrylic Spiderweb Earrings

I love how cute these little ghosts are! Because they’re made with the clear acrylic, they look extra spooky and match every outfit, too!

DIY Acrylic Ghost Halloween Earrings made with a Glowforge by Pineapple Paper Co.


Download FREE Halloween Earrings SVG

DIY Ghost and Spiderweb Earrings for Halloween using the Glowforge or Cricut

Get the password below! (If you have the password, head over to the library to download the file.

You will NOT be sent an email with the file. Free SVG files available for download are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Pin DIY Halloween Earrings for Cricut & Glowforge

DIY Ghost and Spiderweb Earrings for Halloween using the Glowforge or Cricut
DIY Ghost and Spiderweb Earrings for Halloween using the Glowforge or Cricut

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  1. Hello! I am wondering what the need is for both the cricut/silhouette software and then the glowforge cutting.
    Do I need to make the item first OR can i just send the cut file directly to the Glowforge to cut it?

    Please help! I am a small-business crafter and use my Cricut Explore Air 2 for my business as well as casting resin..I am looking to add acrylic earrings to my business and am trying to decide the best laser cutter in order to do this.

    Do you also know if the Glowforge can etch silicone rubber for molds? (i had heard that it can…)

    1. Pineapple Paper Co. says:

      -You can’t save an SVG from Cricut Design Space, just Silhouette Studio.
      -Not for deep molds that I’m aware of, but I’ve successfully make a rubber stamp!
      If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me charynn (at) pineapplepaperco.com