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How to Make Print then Cut Stickers with Foil

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Follow this easy tutorial to Add Foil to your Print then Cut Stickers! Using your Cricut you can make your own amazing stickers and add foil details to them. Download a FREE Draw Line SVG and add it to stickers for a shiny effect!

Make Easy DIY Foil Stickers with Cricut Print then Cut and Foil Transfer System

I have been experimenting with my Cricut Foil Transfer System, and I was really excited to try adding foil to Print then Cut Stickers that I made using Procreate! I love how they turned out, so I’m sharing the single line SVG file for you to add foil details to my Free Printable Harry Potter Stickers.

Are you just learning about the Foil Transfer Kit? Make sure you read my What is the Cricut Foil Transfer System and How to Use the Cricut Foil Transfer Kit for all of the details!

Free Printable Harry Potter Nox and Lumos Stickers with Gold Foil Details

What You Need to Make Foil Stickers

Print then Cut Printable Stickers and Cricut Foil Transfer Kit

How to Make Foil Stickers with your Cricut

If you’re new to using SVG files with your Cricut machine, make sure you read my full post on How to Upload an SVG to Cricut Design Space.

For a full tutorial (with a quick video) on using Print then Cut to make Stickers, head over to my Printable Fall Planner Stickers post – and grab another FREE download while you’re over there!

Upload the Harry Potter inspired stickers (.png file) into Design Space as a print then cut file and insert on to the canvas.

Then, upload the Detail Single Line SVG for the stickers (.svg file) as a “cut” file and insert it onto the canvas as well.

The first step is to select the single line file and change the design type from “Cut” to “Foil – Fine”

Since the stickers and details are two separate SVG files, the most difficult part of this project is making sure that the draw file is lined up on top of the sticker file. Just resize the file and move the details until they line up with the stickers.

Select both layers and click “Attach”. Attaching the files will make sure that Design Space knows to line up the foil layer to the stickers (and then cut them out) perfectly.

Since Cricut Print then Cut is limited to a size of 9.25″ x 6.75″, Design Space will prompt you to change the size of the stickers. Select the designs and resize to a width that’s 6.75″ wide or less.

Click the green “Make It” button when you’re ready to make your stickers.

Follow the onscreen instructions to send the sticker file to your printer. The stickers will print inside of a black border line – that’s the line your Cricut will scan and use to calibrate to your design.

Trim a piece of foil to fit INSIDE of the black border. Apply tape to the corners of the foil to secure it to the sticker sheet, making sure to cover as little of the black lines as possible (I applied 2 on the corners and 2 on the bottom and top edges once I knew where the Cricut machine would scan.

DIY Foil Stickers with the Cricut Foil Transfer System

Continue to follow the onscreen instructions to apply the foil with the Foil Transfer kit and then cut out the stickers. I love how the Cricut does all of the work for me!

DIY Foil Stickers with the Cricut Foil Transfer System

Your Cricut will cut the stickers so that you can just peel them off the backing!

DIY Foil Harry Potter Stickers

Download Draw SVG for Foil Stickers

Single Line Draw SVG to Make DIY Stickers with Foil

Get the password below! (If you have the password, head over to the library to download the file.

You will NOT be sent an email with the file. Free SVG files available for download are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Pin to Remember How to Make DIY Foil Stickers

Make Easy DIY Foil Stickers with Cricut Print then Cut and Foil Transfer System

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