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15 Tie Dye Birthday Party Ideas

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Need a great birthday party idea for this summer? If you’re looking to add a vibrant splash to your celebration, have a tie dye birthday party! It will be day of colorful fun, creativity, and unique designs that tweens and teenagers would love. I will share 15+ amazing Tie Dye Birthday Party Ideas that will make for the best party ever! Plus, download FREE printable tie dye instructions for your party guests to take home with their colorful creations!

15 tie dye birthday party ideas with example pictures

Tie Dye Birthday Party

If you have creative kids like my friends and I do, they will LOVE a tie dye party for their birthday this year. You can create a party that is not just about tie dye as an activity, but can include tie dye in decorations, party food, birthday cake or cupcakes, and every other aspect of the party.

That said, kids and adults love to tie dye shirts or other clothing, so you will want to prep supplies and an area for them to unleash their creativity!

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I have several blog posts dedicated to tie dye projects, so make sure you check these out to get ideas for your awesome tie dye party!

One of my favorite things about throwing a tie dye party is that party favors are covered! Every kid can take home their dyed shirts.

Tie Dye Birthday Party Supplies to Buy

Tie Dye Kits

Brands like Tulip have great tie dye kit options for tie dying with a group of kids. Here are a few options from Amazon:

Tie Dye Supplies

If you are going to be tie dyeing during the birthday party, you will need pick up some additional supplies to keep the mess contained. If you’ve already picked up a tie dye kit, then things like bottles and dyes are handled. It may include gloves or rubber bands, but I would buy additional. Kids tend to throw stuff around and use up supplies quickly.

I would buy:

What to Prep for a Tie Dye Birthday Party

The most important thing that you need to prep for your party is the clothing that your guests will be dyeing. Depending on the kind of tie dye kit that you purchased, follow all of the instructions for tie dye prep in advance of guest arrival. This will likely include prewashing the shirts, soaking the shirts in water and/or soda ash, and prepping the dye powder in bottles.

Have it all prepared and set out on your covered party table, and you’ll be ready to go.

Sometimes tie dye kits come with soda ash pre mixed into the powder, which is why you may only have to soak your fabric in water.

For younger kids, you can pre fold the tie dye pattern and secure the fabric with rubber bands. If the guests are teenagers or older kids, you can let them complete this step.

soak tie dye shirt in soda ash before dying

Tips for Throwing a Tie Dye Birthday Party

  • Set up multiple tie dye stations with different patterns and colors. Provide t-shirts, rubber bands, and a variety of dyes at each station. Also have ziploc bags and paper towels set up in easily accessible places.
  • If the kids will be folding their own shirts, teach them a simple pattern like a spiral tie dye! It comes out great every time and every kid can manage it.

  • Decide if you will be washing out the dye, or you will be sending the dyed shirt home with the guest. You can let the dye set and wash after the party, or provide instructions for the parents to wash the dye out at home. In addition, check out 2-minute tie dye kits! You can pop the clothing in the microwave to set the dye and send each kid home with a finished shirt.

  • Kids love to create! Consider purchasing extra items for kids to tie dye, because they won’t want to stop at just one.

  • Related to that, make sure you have enough tie dye for everyone. Kids tend to create a big mess with tie dye and use a lot of dye. You want to make sure that no kids are sad because all of their favorite colors are gone. Purchase extra kits, in case you need them. You can always use them later with your kids!

  • Tell the party guest that are tie dying to wear old clothing. Tie dye is fun and super easy, but very messy. You don’t want guests to ruin nice clothing.

  • Use high quality dye. Now is not the time to make DIY dye for your tie dye projects. Get brand name dye that won’t wash out of the clothing or fade after being washed a few times.

  • Throw the party OUTSIDE. Just trust me, you don’t want tie dye all over your house.

15 tie dye party ideas with examples

Tie Dye Party Ideas

In addition to dyeing your own shirts, there are a ton of things that you can do to make the party special!

Tie Dye Cake

Take the tie dye theme to the dessert table with a stunning tie dye cake. Use vibrant icing colors like pink, yellow, and orange, and decorate it with edible tie dye patterns. This rolled cake is a fun twist on a traditional birthday cake!

Tie-Dye Pinwheel Cake - Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons
Tie-Dye Pinwheel Cake – Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons
This Tie-Dye Pinwheel Cake is a great and colorful dessert. This tie dye cake is so fun and unique!

I love that you can make the INSIDE of a regular cake tie dye with food coloring and a simple technique.

How to Make a Tie Dye Cake – Everyday Shortcuts
Tie-Dye cakes are fun and easy to make. By using food coloring and a certain technique you can make a homemade Tie-Dye cake too.

Tie Dye Party Decorations

Amazon has an awesome selection of tie dye party decorations. Create a dessert table backdrop, a photo booth, or pair this rainbow fringe with a balloon garland.

Tie Dye Rainbow Fringe Background – Amazon
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Speaking of a balloon garland, I would definitely add these into a rainbow balloon garland for a fun metallic effect!

Rainbow Gradient Balloons
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Even a plain birthday cake will pair well with these tie dye birthday plates and napkins. Any tie dye loving kid would love these added to their birthday party.

Tie Dye Party Plates & Napkins
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Tie Dye Party Recipes

You can use any color dye to make the icing on these sugar cookies tie dye!

Tie-Dye Sugar Cookies – Pure Wow
We’re suckers for a recipe that’s part snack, part craft, as long as it’s foolproof to execute. These tie-dye sugar cookies require no special skills and are easy to make.

The secret to these tie dye treats is Fruity Pebbles – it’s a genius idea!

Fruity Pebble Tie Dye Bars – Homemade Heather
These fruity pebble tie dye bars are so fun to make and would be perfect for including in tie dye themed celebrations.

Making rainbow icing doesn’t have to be hard. Make rainbow cupcakes and icing with this simple tutorial from Poppy + Grace.

How to Make Rainbow Swirl Cupcakes and Frosting – Poppy + Grace
This week we decided to try something new and make rainbow swirl sprinkle explosion cupcakes with rainbow swirl frosting!

We used to call these “playdoh cookies” as kids and I love the idea of using them for a tie dye party!

Tie Dye Cookies – Pretty Providence
Tie Dye Cookies are colorful sugar cookies made to look like tie-dye with bright colors. These delicious cookies are easy and fun to make!

Tie Dye S’mores?! Yes, they’re a thing, and you need them.

DIY Tie Dye S’mores – Studio DIY
"RAINBOW UNICORN TIE DYE S’MORES, EVERYONE! Who. Is. Excited? *THIS GIRL!* I wish you all could have been in the studio while we were shooting these. Poor Jeff, surrounded by three girls squealing over how fun, colorful and AMAZING these are."

Tie Dye Parties

Although it’s messy, how COOL is this family tie dye fight with water guns? Let your party guests do this and they’ll make fun memories while making unique t shirts!

Ideas for Tie Dye: Family Tie Dye Water Gun Fight – Fab Everyday
Looking for tie dye party activities, unique ideas for tie dye, and different tie dye t-shirt ideas? Have a squirt gun tie dye battle!

I love this take on a tie dye party: it’s perfect for older kids or even a pool party. It’s mature and colorful, while still being fun. And I love all of the flowers!

Stay Colorful with a Backyard Tie-Dye Party! – Beijos Events
How’s everyone’s summer going?! Are you like me, trying to find ways to keep your kids busy and entertained day after day? Well, I have a fun answer for you today! A tie-dye party!! Tie-dye is all the rage and we decided to have some fun and make a party out of it!

Tie Dye Party Crafts

If you want to throw a unique tie dye party, pamper your guests with a tie dye spa day. The images showcase tie-dyed bathrobes, tie-dye face masks, and tie-dye-inspired spa treatments. You can make these bath bombs for an easy take-home gift.

Simple Tie Dye Bath Bombs – Sugar Spice and Glitter
A soothing, amazing-smelling homemade bath bomb you can customize in so many different ways!

This tote doubles as a bag your guests can carry home with their party goods. It’s a good option if you want to make something in addition to shirts.

How to Tie-Dye Tote Bags – Laura’s Crafty Life
How to Tie-Dye Tote Bags. Learn how to tie-dye a tote bag that you can use for yourself or give as a gift.

My kids would be ecstatic if I let them and their friends tie dye shoes for a birthday party. You can find inexpensive shoes for everyone, or just make these before the party for the birthday kid!

Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes – A Pumpkin and a Princess
DIY Rainbow tie-dye shoes – create your own custom shoes with tie-dye and white canvas shoes.

Free Printable Tie Dye Washing Instructions

FREE – You can download Printable Tie Dye Washing Instructions to send home with each of your guests!

free printable tie dye instructions for birthday party

Printable is 4 designs on an 8.5×11″ sheet. Print borderless or don’t worry if your printer shrinks the image a little bit.

Get the password below! (If you have the password, head over to the library to download the file.

You will NOT be sent an email with the file. Free printables available for download are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. PDF and JPG files are included.

Don’t forget to pin this for later!

Happy party planning!

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