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DIY Personalized Thanksgiving Napkins with Cricut Maker

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Make these Personalized Thanksgiving Napkins with your Cricut Maker to decorate your Thanksgiving Dinner Table or even better, a fabulous Thanksgiving bar cart.

One of the coolest features of the new Cricut Maker and the adaptive tool system is that it comes with a rotary blade, which is PERFECT for projects that require cutting fabric, like these Personalized Thanksgiving Napkins. The Maker has been tested with tons of different kinds of fabrics from thick fabric to thin fabrics like silk, and it cuts all of them with ease.

For our DIY Thanksgiving dinner table and thanksgiving bar cart we designed with Cricut for Rue Magazine (SEE FULL POST HERE), we created custom cocktail napkins from SCRATCH. I seriously never thought that I’d ever find myself typing those words. But, with the help of the Maker which could cut my fabric with precision, I was able to design and create napkins to exactly match what I wanted for my Thanksgiving dinner table and Thanksgiving Bar Cart.

DIY Thanksgiving Personalized Napkins for Rue Magazine and Cricut by Pineapple Paper Co.

This post and the photos within it may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one or more of the links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

What you Need to make DIY Cocktail Napkins (9×9″ Finished Size):

-Fabric (I used a plain cotton fabric, but linen or a cotton/linen blend would be good as well). Since the cocktail napkins are 9×9″, the cut size will be 11×11″, so get as much fabric as napkins you’d like to make.
Sewing Machine
-Thread to match napkin fabric color, and accent color if desired
-Cricut Maker cutting machine (BUY CRICUT MAKER HERE) with the brand new rotary blade capability
-Cricut Fabric Mat and Standard Grip Mat (BUY CRICUT MATS HERE)
-Iron on Vinyl or Foil (BUY CRICUT VINYL HERE)
-Cricut EasyPress to heat press the design on to the napkins (BUY CRICUT EASYPRESS HERE). Trust me, it will make your life SO much easier!

First, you need to open up Cricut Space to cut your fabric. We have created a file already for you, with 11×11″ squares (CLICK HERE TO OPEN DESIGN SPACE NAPKIN FILE). You will need the rotary blade and pink fabric mat for this part of the project. You can use the 12×12″ mat or 12×24″ mat for cutting the squares.

(Napkin file ready to cut)

(Cricut Pink Fabric Mat)

How to Sew DIY Personalized Thanksgiving Napkins

After you have your napkins cut, the first step is to press a 1 inch hem on each side of the square (you can do this with your regular iron, or with your Cricut EasyPress):

Then, you need to press a 1/4 inch hem from the raw edge and sew that hem on your sewing machine:

Then comes the (slightly) tricky part. To make your napkins look “finished,” it’s a good idea to create mitered corners. Luckily, my mom was here and showed me an easy way to do the corners. First you fold the corner of the napkin down so it is even with your pressed 1 inch hem, then fold in each of the sides and pin them down so they look like this:

After you have all of your mitered corners pinned, you need to sew a hem the whole way around the napkin:

Here is the finished hem:

To add a little extra touch to my napkin, I sewed a contrasting “blanket stitch” on the inside of the hem. My sewing machine has 50 different stitches I can choose from. The stitch I used is #11:

Here’s a closeup of the blanket stitch:

Two napkins finished:

Personalize your DIY Napkins with Cricut Iron On Vinyl

I further customized the napkins to match my bar cart and table with a pumpkin design that I cut out of iron-on vinyl using the Cricut Maker. This design is available on Cricut Design Space and can be found here: CLICK HERE TO GO TO DESIGN SPACE FILE.

Make sure you set your file to cut mirror image, and then iron on to the napkin using the Cricut EasyPress or an iron/heat press. (BUY CRICUT EASYPRESS HERE).

Paired with custom cocktail glasses also created using the Cricut Maker, the personalized Thanksgiving napkins make the whole Thanksgiving bar cart come together!

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  2. Wow! i just loved this napkin DIY. i never thought to use them like this. Just wow!