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Paper Rosette DIY Watermelon Banner with Cricut

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I used my Cricut Maker to design and craft Watermelon Decorations for a birthday party – and I made this awesome Watermelon Party Banner out of paper rosettes! If you’re planning watermelon ideas for a party, or a watermelon first birthday, this project makes the perfect watermelon party supply! Making watermelon party decorations is easy with a Cricut machine, and the new Cricut Scoring Wheel makes crafting paper rosettes a breeze!

DIY Watermelon Rosettes by Pineapple Paper Co.

Making detailed parties is something I love to do, but something I don’t always have a HUGE budget for. That’s one of the many reasons I love having my Cricut Maker to craft with! I can make a lot of my own party supplies and create custom party decorations to match the party theme. The Cricut Maker has the capability of cutting 100s of materials, from fine fabric to thick chipboard due in part to the Adaptive Tool system, which allows Cricut to design tools that you can use to create endless projects.

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With the release of the Knife Blade, I MADE my very own DIY Cake Stand, which was one of the most exciting projects I’ve made in a long time! The next tool for the Cricut Maker Adaptive tool system that has been released is the Scoring Wheel, which makes it so much easier to create fold lines in paper and other crafting materials. Of course I had to try it out to make some party supplies for an upcoming party, so I decided to try the new Cricut Scoring Wheel out on one of my least favorite party decorations to make: a rosette. But not just any paper rosette–I decided to make a set of 1/2 rosettes to create a DIY Watermelon banner for a watermelon party!

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I’ve been dying to plan a Watermelon Party and have been looking at watermelon party ideas all. the. time. For some reason the watermelon theme feels just like SUMMER. Paper rosettes are usually difficult to make and they are so time consuming to sit and fold ALL of the pieces, then glue them together, and make sure they don’t fly apart. But with the new Cricut Scoring Wheel, I was able to create the pieces of the paper rosettes with deeper score lines than I’m used to, making the process much easier!

What do you need to make this DIY Paper Rosette Watermelon Party Banner?

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Cricut Maker (you can use another Cricut Machine, but the Maker is the only machine that has the capability to use the Cricut Scoring Wheel)
Cricut Scoring Wheel
Cardstock in Green, Pink, White, and Black
-Skewer or Lollipop Sticks to hold the rosette flat on one side
-Glue (we used school glue to attach the folded paper rosette pieces and hot glue to secure them)

Cricut Maker with Cricut Scoring Wheel and Cricut Cardstock

How to Make a Paper Rosette Watermelon Banner:

Open the Watermelon Banner file in Cricut Design Space using the link below and click “Customize” to resize the design and duplicate it depending on how many paper rosettes you’d like for your banner.

Click here to access the design: DIY WATERMELON BANNER – CRICUT DESIGN SPACE

Once you’ve sized your pieces, I found it easiest to “HIDE” the watermelon slice and work just with the rosette pieces at first. Click “Make It” when you’re ready to cut.

In the middle of the page you can see that the Cricut is prompting you to use the Scoring Wheel in Clamp B. If you don’t have the Scoring Wheel yet, you can click “Edit Tools” on the right and change it to the Scoring Tool to be loaded in Clamp A. Once you have your material selected and loaded, start scoring (and cutting!)

When the scoring portion has completed on the mat, the machine will prompt you to switch to the Fine-Point Blade to continue cutting your design on the first mat.

Cricut Scoring Wheel on Green Cricut Cardstock

You can see the “01” clearly marked on the scoring wheel in the above picture. It’s because the Cricut Scoring Wheel actually comes with a DOUBLE scoring wheel for scoring even thicker materials, like poster board. “01” indicates the single wheel, and “02” indicates the double scoring wheel.

Follow the prompts until you’ve completed scoring and cutting all of the rosette pieces.

Go back to the Canvas, “hide” the rosette pieces and get ready to cut the watermelon slice designs.

While the watermelon slice pieces are cutting, fold your paper rosette. Each “slice” uses 2 rosette pieces. Secure with glue and across the top of the rosette with a skewer 0r lollipop stick inside the folds to hold the rosette flat on the one side, creating that watermelon slice look.

Green 1/2 Rosettes

After all of the other colors have finished cutting, attach them to the rosette using glue (or with a Xyron Creative Station like I have!)

Creating a DIY Watermelon Banner

Aren’t they just adorable?

DIY Watermelon Rosettes by Pineapple Paper Co.

I used the individual watermelon rosettes to create the DIY Watermelon Banner just using some grosgrain ribbon attached across the top:

DIY Watermelon Rosette Banner by Pineapple Paper Co.

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Paper Rosette Watermelon Birthday Decorations by Pineapple Paper Co.

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  1. Hello – very cute project! Is this available for purchase? I clicked the link to open the project in Cricut and it says it is a Private file?

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      1. Im able to get the link to open now but it won’t let me click the “Make It” button – it says it contains exclusive content? Thanks for your help with this!