BIG Announcement and New Valentine Cards

We are SO excited to announce that Pineapple Paper Co. now has an EXCLUSIVE line of instant download printables at the NEW Everyday Party Magazine Shop! We love the crew over at Everyday Party, and we are thrilled to have this opportunity!

Perfect for those of you (like us, sometimes!) that need adorable and affordable stationery for immediate use, our new line of printables will be all of the style, but none of the wait!

Here are a few of the new Mini Valentine Cards available over in the Everyday Party Magazine SHOP (CLICK HERE TO SHOP):

Magical Unicorn Valentine Printable

Mermaid Valentine Printable

Flamingo Valentine Printable

And, we also have some brand new Valentine Cards listed on Pineapple Paper Co. for those of our customers that prefer personalized or custom Valentines!

Donuts XOXO Valentine Cards

Pink Buffalo Plaid Monogram Valentine Cards

Boy Donut Valentine Cards


Stay Organized with NEW Personalized Notepads

How to Make a T-shirt from a Hand Lettered Design

I’m really excited to share this Valentine’s Day project using my Cricut Maker! If you read my previous post (CLICK HERE TO READ), you’ll know that I am practicing hand lettering as one of my 2018 resolutions, and one of my favorite crafting hobbies is making projects with my Cricut Maker (BUY ONE HERE), so I thought I’d combine the two! I decided to make a Valentine’s Day t-shirt for my youngest daughter using one of my hand lettered sketches by turning the sketch into an image that can be imported and cut in Cricut Design Space from Cricut Iron-On Vinyl. And, head to the end of the post to see the rest of the Valentine Cricut Projects from some of my blogger friends!

This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. These links help us to keep our blog content free, so thank you!

This is the hand-lettered sketch I started with–just a simple design on a piece of scratch paper using a fine point Sharpie marker:

First, take a picture of your sketch with your phone or camera (I used my iPhone 7) in as good of light as you can. Then, you need to open your photo in whatever photo-editing software you have access to or use regularly. I use Adobe Photoshop, but there are tons of free options. You just want to use something to lighten up your photo and enhance the contrast of the text so it’s easier to load in Cricut Design Space. Here is the brightness setting if you’re using Photoshop.

If you look in the corner of the picture above and then at the picture below, you can see the difference in color/brightness. Crop your image and save it as a jpeg.

Once you have it saved, you need to head over to Cricut Design and start a new project. On the bottom left hand side you are going to click on the “Upload” tab and you’ll get this screen:

Click the “upload image” button and choose the image you saved.

Since the image is just black and white, Cricut considers that a “Simple” design, so choose that option and then continue:

Now you need to take out or “erase” all of the areas that are white/that you don’t want to cut.

Just use your mouse and click on the white areas (don’t forget in the middle of the letters!) so your image looks like this (here’s a close up):

(Here’s the full screen):

Since I’ll be cutting this file out of Iron-On Vinyl, I chose the Right side: “Save as a cut image” then click “Save” to continue:

Click the image you uploaded and insert it onto your canvas:

You’re ready to cut!

Make sure when you cut the file, you turn on the “Mirror” setting:

I used a light pink Cricut Iron-On vinyl (I know it looks white in the pictures) and the Cricut EasyPress (BUY IT HERE) to iron the design onto the shirt:

I love how it turned out! And once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy to make your own sketches into Cricut Design Space files that can be cut. So easy that I’m sure I’ll be using this technique again and again.

If you’d like save some time and make this t-shirt using my handwritten drawing to import into Cricut Design Space, DOWNLOAD IT HERE.



New Year Resolutions and the Word of the Year

Each year, I always try to pick one thing new to learn or become more proficient. This year I picked something I’ve been wanting to commit more time to for a LONG time: handwriting! I’ve loved handwriting for years–ask my mom, and she’ll tell you about all of the planners and sketchbooks I had from even as a young child. I was always changing my own handwriting style to the chagrin of all of my teachers in grade school, because they never knew what my handwriting would look like from week to week. Little hearts above the “i”s and “j”s was a particular touch that no one was impressed with. Thankfully I gave those up in 4th grade. Handwriting has become SO popular in the last couple of years, which has made me want to go back and learn the theories and steps behind elaborate handwriting techniques. So for 2018, that’s my “something new” resolution! I’ve been pouring over a few books before I really start practicing (you can find them all on Amazon):

(The second version just builds on the first):

The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering is one of my favorite books on handwriting. I’ve owned it since it was released.

So the first project I worked on was my “word of the year” for 2018, something else I try to do every year. With adding a fourth kiddo to our family this year, things have been a little crazy to say the least. So my word this year is “purpose.” I want to try to be present and complete each day with purpose, and not let things pile on top of me. Learn to say “Yes” and “No” and mean it. Cultivate good things in my family’s life and in our business life.

Not too bad for my first try, I think! Do you have a “word of the year?” If you’d like, share it below!

Our Favorite Healthy Recipe for the New Year

The most common resolution we all make is definitely to start a healthier diet (*cough* lose weight *cough*) in the new year, and for me, this year is no exception. This is especially true for 2018 because I’m not only coming off a holiday binge but I’m 2.5 months out from having a baby. And since the little guy is our 4th child, I’ve been on a constant search for healthy recipes that are QUICK and EASY. Sleep deprivation is real, people. I stumbled across this Winter Fruit Salad recipe from Dinner at the Zoo a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been putting my own twist on it based on the fruit I have in my house. I can’t get enough of it!

And that’s the beauty of this fruit salad, you can mix and match the fruits based on what’s available, or what you’re in the mood for.

My favorite combination so far is: Pineapple, Kiwi, Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, and Pomegranate Seeds, all tossed with the lemon juice + honey dressing from the above linked recipe.

What healthy recipes are you loving this January? Let me know in the comments below!

If you’d like to see the other healthy recipes we’ve found around the web, head over to our Pinterest page (CLICK HERE) to follow all of our boards!

Still need a calendar to start your 2018 planning? CLICK HERE to download our FREE Printable Buffalo Plaid Calendar!


Gingerbread Marshmallows from Everyday Party Magazine

My good friend Everyday Party Magazine came to visit in November after our baby was born, and while she was here we came up with some awesome recipes for marshmallows! Perfect for this COLD day, this recipe for gingerbread marshmallows would be awesome in some hot chocolate today!

After finally making a batch of marshmallows, I can attest that they are much easier to make than I thought they would be! If you can run a mixer and boil water, you can make them!

When we made the marshmallows, we paired them with White Hot Chocolate and some white chocolate shavings:

Head over to the Everyday Party Magazine blog for the full recipe (CLICK HERE FOR THE GINGERBREAD MARSHMALLOW RECIPE)

Happy New Year and a FREE Calendar Download!

Happy New Year from Pineapple Paper Co! Today is the first day the kids went back to school, which is essentially the first day of 2018 for me. During their holiday break, I truly make an effort to relax, not worry about work, and just spend quality time with them. But when they go back to school, it’s game on! I’m ready to organize the house, start goal planning, and start knocking out those resolutions. The first place I’m starting is filling out the calendar for the next couple of months–with basketball games, dance classes, and other commitments it’s always surprising how quickly the weekends fill up. This is the second year in a row I’ve designed a Printable Calendar for Everyday Party Magazine, and she’s sharing it with everyone to use in the New Year! I used my FAVORITE pattern (buffalo plaid, of course) and accented it with a clean, emerald green font. Head over to her BLOG to download your copy!



Christmas Cookie Exchange with Oriental Trading Company

A great tradition to share with your friends every year at Christmas time is a Christmas Cookie Exchange! The premise is simple–everyone makes cookies and brings them to the exchange. Then you divide up the cookies and everyone takes home a variety! But there are SO many different ways you can style the party! This year, we took one look at the buffalo plaid party line at Oriental Trading Company, and we immediately fell in love! We are obsessed with plaid, and it made for such a cute cookie exchange display!

The amazing people at Oriental Trading Company gave me resources to create this post, but all of the opinions and feelings about their products are our mine.

When scheduling the party, you want to make sure that each of the people coming make a different kind of cookie, so that way everyone gets a large variety of cookies. We set out our 8 kinds on buffalo plaid trays and napkins from Oriental Trading Company:

These adorable reindeer cupcakes (from a local bakery) are placed in plaid cupcake wrappers from Oriental Trading, and plaid containers are in the background, just waiting to be filled!

I can’t get over how cute these reindeer are! And the kids loved them 🙂

In addition to the large trays, I displayed cookies on round birch wood slices (painted black) with Oriental Trading plaid cocktail napkins under the cookies. Pistachio macarons look especially festive with the red and black napkins:

Thumbprint cookies and Christmas tree sugar cookies with sprinkles are on a large tray from Oriental Trading:

And my favorite cookies, Black and White cookies:

More cookies on the painted birch wood slices:

These ivory sisal trees from Oriental Trading Company are perfect for the rustic vibe, but could easily be repurposed for other parties!

We also ordered this wood wreath with a plaid box from Oriental Trading, and paired it with a buffalo plaid banner from the Target dollar spot:

Make sure you have containers for everyone to take their cookies home in, as well as lots of milk to drink! Or maybe a tasty holiday-themed cocktail! Those red glasses from the Pioneer Woman would be perfect for either!

We look forward to hosting the cookie exchange again next year, and until then–we will definitely be using these buffalo plaid products all season!

Where to find the Buffalo Plaid products at Oriental Trading Company:


Buffalo Plaid Cocktail Napkins
Buffalo Plaid Serving Trays
Buffalo Plaid Cupcake Wrappers
Buffalo Plaid Candy Cups with Lids
Ivory Large Sisal Trees
Wooden Wreath with Plaid Bow



Movie Night Gift Basket FREE Printable with Everyday Party Magazine

Jess from Everyday Party Magazine created an ADORABLE monogrammed plaid basket (from the Target dollar spot!) with a “movie night” theme for a Teacher Gift. She filled it with candy, popcorn, and soda, and a free movie night coupon! SEE THE FULL POST AT EVERYDAY PARTY MAGAZINE HERE.

We created the free movie night coupon (with space for a redbox code) and we are sharing the FREE PRINTABLE with you!

Perfect for a teacher gift or a stocking stuffer, there’s a full sheet for you to print!



DIY New Year’s Eve Glitter Straw Topper

One of our favorite projects from our NYE Party for Cricut are these simple and adorable DIY New Years straw toppers that are reminiscent of the NYE “Ball” that falls every year in Times Square, New York City.

This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. These links help us to keep our blog content free, so thank you!

Materials Needed for this Project:

-Cricut cutting machine or Circle Punch (We used a 1.5″ circle for our straw toppers) SHOP CRICUT MACHINES HERE.
-Glitter Cardstock
-Cricut EasyPress or Iron (SHOP CRICUT EASYPRESS HERE)

This project literally only takes a couple of minutes from start to finish, which is perfect when you’re trying to plan a small party or a last-minute get together for New Year’s Eve.

In Cricut Design Space, you need to create the circles as well as the “2018” in your chosen font. Should you wish to make the exact size/font that we have shown, you can access the Design Space Project BY CLICKING HERE.

When you click “Make It” you’ll need 2 mats: one for the glitter card stock, and one for the iron-on vinyl:

Be sure after you cut your circles that you change your material to “Iron-On” to cut your numbers!

After all of the pieces are cut, instead of using transfer tape as you would with regular vinyl, you just iron on the numbers to the paper with your Cricut EasyPress! We used the settings at 300 degrees for about 10 seconds. I’ve found that when using iron-on vinyl on certain kinds of paper, it’s easier to remove the clear backing while the project is slightly warm.

Attach to your straws with hot glue or tape and you’re done!

We look forward to sharing our other Cricut DIY projects from the full post (READ THE FULL POST BY CLICKING HERE)!