Set an Adorable Kids’ Table for Thanksgiving

It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving and in between grocery shopping, planning the meal, and cleaning the house, it’s a great time to decide what you’re doing for the kids attending your meal. Planning an adorable kids’ table for Thanksgiving can make the little ones feel like they are special and not sitting completely away from everyone else. And, you can incorporate cute craft ideas or small things on the table to entertain them while everyone is eating (and cleaning up!).

While we haven’t quite decided how we are setting the table for the kids yet, we have found some really cute ideas on the internet, and we are sharing them with you! (For MORE ideas, follow Pineapple Paper Co. on Pinterest HERE).

This simple idea seen on Project Nursery incorporates crayons and a Kraft paper runner so that the kids can color before or during the meal:

This is the FAVORITE table that we’ve seen this year, from Oh Happy Day. A Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade table is GENIUS.

This “Pumpkin Pie” from The Happy Scraps serves as both a centerpiece and could be used for place cards at the kids’ table. If you made a couple of other play food items, they could easily be used as pretend play during dinner.

This cute and colorful kids’ table is from one of our favorite blogger friends, Frog Prince Paperie:

This kids’ table from Lia Griffith and her team would be great for a group of kids that are a little bit older. They each can write what they are thankful for and share it during the meal:

Do you usually have a kids’ table at your Thanksgiving dinner? If so, what are your favorite ideas?




Order your Personalized Christmas Photo Cards

Christmas is one of our favorite times of the year, and designing holiday cards is equally as fun! Pineapple Paper Co. Christmas photo cards are in the online shop and are selling fast! (SHOP ALL CHRISTMAS CARDS HERE)

Here are our favorites for this year:

Black and white stripes are classic, yet lend a modern edge to the backside of these cards:

Boxwood Wreath Christmas Photo Card


Southern garland and a festive “Y’all” make this card perfect for all families:


Your holidays will be “Merry & Bright” with a full size 5×7 photo and buffalo plaid:


A {surprise} hint of pink in the traditional holly leaves instantly updates this classic, preppy design:


Painted poinsettias cover the whole back of this card, and digital gold foil highlights the “Merry” on the front:


Our newest card (and probably our favorite of this year) is this red and black buffalo plaid with a large boxwood wreath on the reverse side:


DIY Give Thanks Wine Glasses

This week to prep for Thanksgiving, we are sharing DIY Tutorials for the projects we created using the Cricut Maker for our Thanksgiving table featured in Rue Magazine for Cricut. SEE OUR FULL BLOG POST HERE. Yesterday we shared the tutorial for the Magnolia Leaf Paper Garland, and today we are sharing the tutorial for the “Give Thanks” wine glasses we created using Cricut Vinyl.

Materials needed for this project:

-Cricut Maker or other cutting machine (BUY CRICUT MAKER HERE)
-Light Grip or Standard Grip Cutting Mat
-Transfer Tape
-Cricut Vinyl in desired color (BUY CRICUT VINYL HERE)
-Plain Wine Glasses

You can make this project in just a few minutes, because we already have the hard part done for you–we’ve created the “Give Thanks” file in Cricut Design Space! We’ve designed it for 10 wine glasses, but you can add/delete graphics as needed, as well as resize the graphic based on the size of wine glasses you have.


Cut the file on vinyl color of your choice, and the settings required for chosen material. After finished cutting, it is easier to work with each graphic if you cut them apart. Then remove the vinyl that you don’t need from the design.

Next, use the transfer tape (sticky side down) to lift the vinyl off of the carrier sheet and then apply to desired location on the wine glasses.

That’s it!! Fill with wine and you are ready for Thanksgiving dinner. The best part about using vinyl on wine glasses (or other glasses) is that you can change your glasses year after year (and for each holiday) without buying new glasses. So as your themes change, just peel off the vinyl and start again.

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DIY Magnolia Leaf Paper Garland

Today we are sharing our DIY instructions to make the Magnolia Leaf Paper Garland that was featured on our Thanksgiving table for Rue Magazine (SEE THE RUE FEATURE HERE) and Cricut. (SEE THE FULL BLOG POST HERE). The garland was one of our favorite projects we made for the table, and generated a lot of comments and emails! And it was easy to make using our Cricut Maker and a variety of papers, including Cricut cardstock.

Materials needed for this project (amounts will vary based on how long/large you would like your garland to be):

-Cricut Cutting Machine (BUY THE CRICUT MAKER WITH NEW ROTARY BLADE HERE), to use the accompanying Cricut Design Space files.
-Cricut Light Grip Cutting Mat (BUY CRICUT MATS HERE)
-Cricut Scoring Tool
-Cardstock (we used a variety of Cricut cardstock for this project, including pearlized) BUY CARDSTOCK HERE
-Crepe paper (we used the double sided Lia Griffith brand, found on Amazon) BUY CREPE PAPER HERE
-Floral wire
-Hot glue gun

The first step is to cut out all of your leaves. For the pieces of garland I used on the Thanksgiving table, I cut about 30 leaves out of each paper. There are two different design files for this project, one for the crepe paper (with no scoring lines) and one for the cardstock (with scoring lines, as the paper is thicker).

CLICK HERE to access the Magnolia Leaf Pattern for the Crepe Paper, which looks like this:

CLICK HERE to access the Magnolia Leaf Pattern for the Cardstock paper, which looks like this:

You’ll notice that one file is 10 leaves and one is 8 leaves. This is because the crepe paper is not as wide as the cardstock. The leaf design was created using a Cricut Access design. What’s Cricut Access? It’s the subscription based program offered by Cricut that gives you access to THOUSANDS of designs in Cricut Design Space at no additional charge. AND, if you have an Access membership, you also get a discount on all digital purchases and purchases in the Cricut Online Store (including the Maker!)

I’m not going to lie to you, cutting all of the leaves takes a while. But the end result is worth it! So gather supplies for a cross stitch or something and plan to hang out at the Maker for a little while changing out papers LOL!

Once all of the leaves are cut out, I shaped them a little bit to make them look more realistic. I stretched the crepe paper and folded those leaves in half, and the scored cardstock leaves I also folded a little bit in half and rolled them with a pencil to round them slightly.

Then comes the construction part (and it’s easy)! I used heavier floral wire that comes in 18″ lengths, which I connected as necessary to create longer pieces of garland. All that you have to do is hot glue the leaves to the wire and to each other, layering the different papers to create a realistic looking branch. Here’s one of my pieces in progress:

Just keep adding leaves to make the garland as full as you prefer, and you’re done!

For the Thanksgiving table, I used short pieces as well as longer pieces to tuck into the centerpiece of the table, among the pumpkins and cotton branches.

I also used a longer piece to decorate the front of the bar cart that we styled:

After making the garlands, I can’t wait to make a wreath too! So stay tuned for that project 😉

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DIY Christmas Gift Tags in 15 Minutes

We are back this week for another round of Craft Lightning with some of our favorite bloggers! This is the busiest time of year for a lot of people, and sometimes we don’t have a ton of time to spend crafting. Enter Craft Lightning, where the object of this post (and our fellow bloggers) is to provide you with a DIY that will take 15 minutes or less out of your busy schedule. For this post, we designed and crafted these DIY Gift Tags using Cricut Cardstock and Iron-On Gold Foil. That’s right–Heat Transfer Vinyl on PAPER!

This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. These links help us to keep our blog content free, so thank you!

Materials Needed for this Craft:

-Cutting Machine (like the Cricut Maker; SHOP HERE for the new Essentials Bundle!)
-Black Cardstock (Shop Cricut Paper HERE.)
-Gold Iron-On Foil (Shop Cricut Iron-On Vinyl HERE.)
-Heat Press or Regular Iron (we used the Cricut EasyPress, a heat press/iron hybrid that is wonderful for this project as well as making t-shirts and other projects (SHOP FOR THE EASYPRESS HERE).

Other Materials Used, but not required:

-Cricut Essentials Tool Kit (for weeding away the extra iron-on foil).
-Cricut BrightPad (makes weeding SO much easier. SHOP HERE).

To make the Gift Tags:

First, you need to bring up your design in your cutting software. For those of you using Cricut Design Space, we’ve already created the file for you to use!


When you are ready to cut your materials, the most import thing to remember is that you have to MIRROR your iron-on vinyl, so be prepared to switch that if necessary.
Your ready-to-cut screen should look similar to this:

If you’ll notice the blue box around the one “Merry & Bright” set, you’ll see that I also clicked on each of the designs and spaced them out a little bit to make it easier to cut them apart.

First, the screen will prompt you to cut the cardstock tags:

And then, switch your material setting to “Iron-On” and cut the Iron-On Foil (shiny side down). Cut the sections apart, and weed out all of the extra vinyl that isn’t needed.

Once your materials are cut, you just need to iron-on the foil letters using your EasyPress (or heat press/iron). Place your tag(s) between 2 sheets of parchment paper and press the EasyPress firmly down onto the tags.

We found that 320 degrees for 20 seconds worked great to get the foil to adhere to the paper.

Wait for the iron-on foil to cool down completely, and then remove the backing material. You’re done!

In under 15 minutes, you have adorable (and shiny!) gift tags for all of your Christmas wrapping needs!

To check out all of the other 15 min crafts in this edition of Craft Lightning, click on the button below:

RUE Magazine and Cricut Thanksgiving Entertaining Feature

Happy Monday! I have been sitting on a big feature over here and it’s been driving me crazy! Today, over on the RUE Magazine blog and later this week in the magazine, our Thanksgiving table designed with Cricut is being featured! I feel so proud that the lovely people at Cricut have entrusted me with such a huge opportunity, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Between now and Thanksgiving, we will be sharing all of the DIY Projects that we created for our tablescape and bar cart using our Cricut Maker and Cricut products, but today I wanted to share some of the pictures from the feature!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, although most people that know me think that it’s Christmas, because I go absolutely crazy with decorating, shopping, and crafting. But it’s Thanksgiving! I love that Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family, and it signals the start of the official holiday season in our house. We have a huge traditional family dinner, and every year I love coming up with new ways to decorate the table and finding new recipes for everyone to enjoy. So this feature was a huge opportunity for me to plan out what I wanted to do this year! My design sense this year has been about calming neutrals and metallics, and that is reflected in my tablescape.

These green-gray pumpkins and white pumpkins are ALL over my house this year and I was intent on including them on the table centerpiece. I couldn’t resist a touch of orange though.

If you look closely that the center of the table, you’ll see an important Cricut DIY project (and probably my favorite project I did!), a Magnolia Leaf Garland.

With a mix of Cricut papers–including pearl cardstock and crepe paper, I created branches of Magnolia leaves that I used down the middle of the table, along with the pumpkins and cotton branches. I love how it turned out!

I always like to include Menu cards at my place settings (especially since I change recipes every year!), and these were created with the Write and Cut feature of the Cricut Maker.

Another of my favorite projects were these customized wine glasses using Cricut vinyl.

Using Cricut Iron-on vinyl and foil, I also made this custom table runner:

In addition to the tablescape, I also styled a bar cart (we love having a good bar cart at the holidays!) using more items custom-made using the Cricut Maker.

Our signature drink for this year is a Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail served in these customized double old-fashioned glasses with Cricut adhesive foil.

Also on the bar cart were these pumpkin cocktail napkins–that I unbelievably made from scratch! With the new rotary blade and adaptive tool system that is the selling point of the Cricut Maker, I was able to cut the fabric for the napkin into a perfect square, sew the napkins exactly how I wanted them, and then use Cricut iron-on vinyl to further customize them. I was only limited by my imagination!

I also cut and made these leather coasters with Cricut metallic leather and iron-on foil that were personalized for each of our Thanksgiving guests.

I can’t wait to share the rest of the DIY project details in the coming days. Get your crafting supplies ready!

Photographer: Kathy Wolfe Photography

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Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

Today, our Thanksgiving entertaining feature for Rue Magazine and Cricut is being revealed (click here for the more photos on our blog)! We created custom double old-fashioned glasses with the Cricut Maker and Cricut adhesive foil to serve our signature drinks in for Thanksgiving. This year, we are making a simple Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail.

We are huge Bourbon fans here, and Basil Hayden’s Bourbon is my new favorite. This is a super easy cocktail to make and serve, and is simple enough that everyone loves it!

Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail

(Makes 1 drink)

2 ounces Bourbon
6 ounces Apple Cider
Ice cubes
Cinnamon Stick

Place 2 large ice cubes in a double old-fashioned glass. Pour in Bourbon, and then Apple Cider. Stir with cinnamon stick and serve.

Even better if you serve them in customized Cricut glasses!

Photos by: Kathy Wolfe Photography

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FREE Last Minute Halloween Printables

Happy Halloween Eve! For your last minute Halloween treats, we are sharing our FREE Witch Hat 2″ Party Circles (or cupcake toppers)!

Use them as stickers on treat bags, as printed tags hanging from string, or as cupcake toppers! Hope you enjoy them!

To download your FREE Full Sheet of Printable Toppers, CLICK HERE.

Last Minute Halloween Treat Ideas for Kids

If your house is anything like ours, you are headed out to the grocery store today to gather supplies for Halloween party treats. My kids have been looking at ideas on Pinterest since August, and here are some of their favorites:

These adorable DIY Favor bags from Love the Day by Lindy Haws to put school treats would be easy and quick to do today (and it’s a lot easier to find treat bags two days before Halloween that aren’t totally Halloween-themed):

This Halloween Oreo candy bark from A Pumpkin and a Princess looks full of goodies and my kids have been begging for me to make it:

Wilton always has the cutest snack ideas for the holidays, and these monster marshmallow sticks don’t disappoint! Some color spray and candy melts added to marshmallows make this treat totally doable today:

Another easy snack to make today would be these Rice Krispie Treat Monsters from One Little Project. Make them even easier by using store-bought Rice Krispie Treats!

Now the hardest part will be getting my kids to choose only one of these for today!

For more ideas, follow Pineapple Paper Co. on Pinterest HERE.

10 No Carve Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween

One of our favorite Halloween activities to do with the kids is carve pumpkins! But sometimes, after making an absolute mess of the kitchen for each of us to carve the best pumpkin we can, the kids still want to decorate more pumpkins. Enter No-Carve pumpkins! We always have extra pumpkins, or the craft pumpkins you can buy at any craft store are always a great option.

Here are 10 No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas we love this Halloween:

These black and white pumpkins seen on Country Living tutorial are just enough modern for us, but creepy enough for the kids:

These patterned pumpkins are easy enough to do as a last minute crafts, because all you need is acrylic paint and painter’s tape (also seen on Country Living):

This pumpkin from It All Started with Paint would be so easy to make with a cutting machine like the Cricut Maker!

If you’ve been following Pineapple Paper Co. on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know our love for blue and white runs deep. These pumpkins from Craftberry Bush would go perfectly with my dining room decor!

We’ve been seeing these pumpkins from Studio DIY ALLLL Over, and we can’t stop LOL!

How gorgeous and unique is this floral pumpkin from The Merry Thought?! I absolutely love the moon on the black pumpkin:

Glow-in-the-dark pumpkins are a favorite around here and One Little Project makes them so easy in THIS DIY tutorial:

Emoji pumpkin anyone? My 11 yr old is ALL over this idea from Cutefetti:

This glitter pumpkins from I Heart Naptime are about the cutest ones I’ve seen all season!

Unicorns are still all the rage, and this cute little unicorn from As the Bunny Hops takes the trend right into Halloween. How many kids dressed as unicorns will we see this year?

Do you make No-Carve pumpkins for Halloween? Show us your creations on our Facebook page: CLICK HERE