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Simple French Inspired Clay Pot Place Card

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Whether you’re planning for an Easter dinner or just a Springtime meal with friends, these DIY clay pot place cards are surprisingly simple to make–in fact, you can make them in just a few minutes with only a few supplies! That’s right, everyone, this is a Craft Lightning post! Check out our Clay Pot DIY that you can make in less than 15 minutes, and then head to the end of the post where we are linking to all of our blogging friends that also made Clay Pot DIY crafts in less than 15 minutes.

Supplies needed for this Craft Lightning craft:

-Clay Pots (one for each of your guests). Clay pots are incredibly inexpensive, which is always a good find when doing DIY projects. These clay pots I found at Michaels for $.59 each!
-White paint (I’m using Americana white enamel paint that is also from Michaels)
-Large paintbrush
-Permanent Black Brush Marker
-Cut greens (I used boxwood–my favorite!)

The process for painting the pot is SUPER easy! Using a dry brush technique, paint the pot with the white paint.

The dry brush technique is easy! Put your white paint on a small paper plate or palette. Using a DRY brush, put some paint on your brush and then lightly wipe the brush on a paper towel. Only after taking some of that paint off apply paint to the clay pot so you can still see some of the terra cotta. By using this technique, you get the look of an aged pot like you see in French country decorating!

Below is the pen I used–a black Pigma MB brush pen. Using a script font, write your names on the pot. Then, fill with the greens of your choice!

I trimmed the boxwood into a spherical shape to continue the French country-inspired look.

Put the pot on a small plate or set in the middle of your dinner plate on a napkin to complete your place setting.

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