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Free Procreate Color Palette

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Download a FREE Procreate Color Palette that you can use everyday to create art with the Procreate App! If you use Procreate to draw on your iPad, you will definitely want this palette – it’s the color palette that I use every single day!

free procreate color palette for your ipad with color swatches

Procreate Color Palette Free

I use the Procreate app on my iPad Pro to design cut files, iPhone icons, stickers, and other digital art. I am constantly looking for color inspiration but I also find that I turn to the same colors over and over.

So I created my own custom Procreate color palettes, and I am sharing the one that I use most! This is my must-have color palette for everyday art on my iPad!

free color palette on procreate app with color palette examples screenshot

If you also need a go-to Procreate color palette, I know that you’ll love this one! It covers all of the colors of the rainbow, plus some of the basic colors that I use for SVG design.

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From this basic color palette, you can build out a range of monochromatic Procreate color palettes for all of your drawing needs. Grab the FREE palette at the end of the post!

free procreate color palette for your ipad with color swatches

I also offer a unique bundle of the best Procreate color palettes in my shop that you can download to have an instant color portfolio!

*Note: This file will only work with the Procreate app that is designed for iPads and iPhones. Here is what I have purchased to use these swatches to create digital art:

How to Import a New Color Palette into Procreate

If you need help with the download process or want to see how you can quickly import new color palettes into Procreate, check out my short YouTube video on how to add a new color palettes to the palettes panel!

You can use the free procreate color palette with a variety of Procreate brushes on the canvas. The shades and hues of my custom palette are best suited for digital art and painting, but I have found that they print well enough directly from Procreate.

But keep in mind that these colors are in the RGB color profile, which are meant for display images, not printed items. Procreate artwork that will be downloaded and printed as photos, canvases, portraits, and other projects that require color matching should usually be designed in a CMYK color profile.

Color Palette for Procreate Free Download

Download the free color palette below! It’s perfect for all levels of artists and illustrators – but it was especially created for beginners!

free procreate color palette for your ipad with color swatches

*For the easiest color palette upload experience, save the download on your iPad that you use with Procreate. You will NOT be sent an email with the file. Free Procreate palettes available for download are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Get the password below! (If you have the password, head over to the library to download the file.

Make sure you pin an image to your favorite Procreate or Palettes board on Pinterest!

everyday procreate color palette for free download

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