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New Year Resolutions and the Word of the Year

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Each year, I always try to pick one thing new to learn or become more proficient. This year I picked something I’ve been wanting to commit more time to for a LONG time: handwriting! I’ve loved handwriting for years–ask my mom, and she’ll tell you about all of the planners and sketchbooks I had from even as a young child. I was always changing my own handwriting style to the chagrin of all of my teachers in grade school, because they never knew what my handwriting would look like from week to week. Little hearts above the “i”s and “j”s was a particular touch that no one was impressed with. Thankfully I gave those up in 4th grade. Handwriting has become SO popular in the last couple of years, which has made me want to go back and learn the theories and steps behind elaborate handwriting techniques. So for 2018, that’s my “something new” resolution! I’ve been pouring over a few books before I really start practicing (you can find them all on Amazon):

(The second version just builds on the first):

The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering is one of my favorite books on handwriting. I’ve owned it since it was released.

So the first project I worked on was my “word of the year” for 2018, something else I try to do every year. With adding a fourth kiddo to our family this year, things have been a little crazy to say the least. So my word this year is “purpose.” I want to try to be present and complete each day with purpose, and not let things pile on top of me. Learn to say “Yes” and “No” and mean it. Cultivate good things in my family’s life and in our business life.

Not too bad for my first try, I think! Do you have a “word of the year?” If you’d like, share it below!

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