Christmas Trees Sneak Peek!

For those of you that have been following our Instagram account, you already know that my family and I welcomed our newest son at the end of October (our fourth child!). So things have been a little crazy around here to say the least, and we are slightly¬†behind on Christmas decorating. But I’ve started to put all of my Christmas trees in order. We have 6 large trees in all, and each one has a different theme.

I thought I’d show y’all a sneek peek of the trees I’ve been working on!

This is my newest tree this year. Not my largest but I think it might be my favorite: the peppermint flocked tree in our entryway. It’s my first and only flocked tree that is decked out in red, white, and sparkles! I think at this point I’ve spent more on ornaments than the tree haha! Can you spot my Christmas Flamingo?

You can also see in the background our largest tree, which is gold, white, and of course more sparkles ūüôā

Our only live tree is in the sitting room area of our kitchen. It’s a “rustic” theme with lots and lots of plaid! I’m constantly looking for new ornaments for it! I love those large sparkly candy canes from Pottery Barn.

This is my dining room tree with red, gold, and more plaid! I have already added another 40 ornaments or so since I took this picture haha!

I love looking at close up pictures of the trees:


Flocked Tree: Amazon
Natural Pine Trees: Balsam Hill

DIY Christmas Mantle Decor | Non-Traditional Mantle Ideas

We have two fireplaces & mantles in our house–but no where to really decorate a mantle because we have televisions over each mantle. (P.S. It killed me to put televisions above the fireplaces but it was really the only places they could go in our house.) We do hang stockings still, but I don’t have room to decorate on the actual mantle. But I would LOVE to decorate a traditional Christmas mantle, so I came up with some easy DIY ideas that you can make with your Cricut Maker (SHOP FOR THE CRICUT MAKER HERE) and also decorated a non-traditional mantle area in my house to inspire you to decorate an area whether or not you have a traditional Christmas mantle space to use!

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I created four projects with my Cricut Maker to decorate with:

(1) Christmas Stockings with DIY Plaid Flannel Iron-On Appliques

I used the new rotary blade that only comes with the Cricut Maker to cut the fabric, and it was so easy! I ironed Heat-n-Bond to the fabric and then cut the fabric to fit a 12×12 Cricut Mat, then cut on a “Medium Fabric” setting which is good for cotton. It cut PERFECTLY! Then I just peeled the appliqu√©s off the mat and ironed them on the stockings (inexpensive blank stockings purchased from Joann Fabrics) using my Cricut EasyPress (SHOP FOR THE EASYPRESS HERE). We are sharing the shapes that we used for the stockings, too (they are free with a Cricut Access subscription)!


(2) Personalized Wooden Tag with Iron-On (!!!) Glitter Vinyl

These adorable wooden tags are from Oriental Trading Company and come blank for you to personalize. We cut simple names out of Glitter Iron-On Vinyl and then ironed them on to the wood, which is a neat trick I recently learned. I think it’s awesome that you can use iron-on vinyl on a variety of items other than to make t-shirts! More glitter vinyl on everything is a good idea!

(3) Iron-On Foil and Fabric Decorated Wooden Tree

For this simple tree, we cut various sized circles out of silver Iron-on foil using the Cricut Maker and applied them to buffalo plaid fabric using the Cricut EasyPress that I covered the front of the tree with. This project literally took only about 10 minutes from start to finish!

(4) Wooden “Merry and Bright” Star

Using an SVG file from another project, I created this simple wooden star decoration using red vinyl. I think this was my favorite project for my “mantle!”

How do you decorate your Christmas mantle (or non-traditional area)? Let us know in the comments!

DIY Trick or Treat Halloween Pillow

A few weeks ago we shared a “Hello Fall” pillow we made using the Cricut Maker and Iron-On Vinyl. We couldn’t help but make a new pillow for Halloween–this time a DIY Trick or Treat pillow!

This DIY pillow requires the following supplies:

-an 18×18″ pillow cover (we purchased this Orange Pillow Cover from Amazon–SHOP HERE)
-Cricut Maker or other Cricut cutting machine (SHOP THE CRICUT MAKER HERE)
-Cricut White Iron-On Vinyl (SHOP CRICUT IRON ON VINYL HERE)
-18″ pillow insert
-Iron or Heat Press
Not required, but will make your life SO much easier:
-Cricut BrightPad (you can lay your cut image on the BrightPad, making weeding out the extra iron-on vinyl easier!) SHOP CRICUT BRIGHTPAD HERE.
-Cricut EasyPress (the new portable heat press from Cricut that will provide professional iron-on results!) SHOP CRICUT EASYPRESS HERE.

This pillow uses an SVG file that I already owned, as well as cutting images available in Cricut Design Space. The “Trick or Treat” font was purchased online (in one of those craft bundle deals) but there are other “Trick or Treat” images on Design Space that could be edited and used for this pillow. Here is a link to a search for “trick or treat” in Design Space (CLICK HERE.)¬†And a lot of them are available with Cricut Access, which you can find out more about by clicking HERE.

The ghost and bat images are available in Design Space. Be creative! You can use images you purchase to create a 12×12″ Trick or Treat pillow image (the widest you can cut) that perfectly fits your home and style! And using Design Space is easy–just make sure once you are ready to cut your image, you have it set to cut “mirror image” and the shiny side of the iron-on vinyl is placed down on the cutting mat. Your computer screen when ready to cut should look like this:

Once you have your image cut, weed out the extra vinyl and iron on to the center of the pillow cover according to the instructions of the heat source you are using. Insert the pillow, and you’re all done!

In just a short amount of time, you have a cute pillow to use for Halloween decor!

Looking for other DIY Halloween Projects from Pineapple Paper Co.? CLICK HERE to search our blog for more ideas!

This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. These links help us to keep our blog content free, so thank you!

Halloween Succulents in Mini Cauldrons

Today, you are getting a chance to see one of my favorite DIY Halloween projects this year! I can’t get enough of succulents this year–maybe it’s because they remind me of summer? I don’t know. But in this case, they are like¬†little green monsters growing out of cauldrons just for Halloween!

We are lucky enough that we havetThe Bloomery as a local resource that plant and grow these adorable little succulents for everyone to enjoy! (In addition, The Bloomery will ship you bulbs and other items to plant and grow yourself!)

The lovely people over at Oriental Trading Company sent us these adorable little cauldrons to use in our Hocus Pocus Halloween party (CLICK HERE FOR PARTY DETAILS), and we couldn’t help but reuse them for this display! They are the perfect size to put a little dirt in and plant a single, small succulent.

The Bloomery grows a few different varieties of succulents, and these green and green-pink ones were perfect for our cauldrons.

Check out the purple/green one in the back in this picture! I love the color:

This project took only a few minutes to complete, and would be perfect for Halloween party decor or just Halloween decor for your home. Because let’s face it, right now Halloween is definitely my favorite.

This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. These links help us to keep our blog content free, so thank you! In addition, the amazing people over at Oriental Trading Company provided me with products to complete this post, but all opinions of the company and their products are my own.



Entertaining with Gingham Decor

Lately, all we’ve been thinking about is gingham. It’s perfect for every season, and especially here at the end of summer vacation, we are moving our decor right into Autumn, and gingham is coming right along with us.

For the spring and summer, light blue and red ginghams are perfect for BBQs, outdoor picnics, and baby showers. We can’t get enough!

This beautiful Baby Shower from Grace Happens is exactly what we think of when we think of using gingham for an outdoor brunch: casual, yet refined. And we love those linen towels, too.

Grace Happens

This outdoor dinner table is just what we need to celebrate in these warm August evenings–and keep that summer vibe going! We love the large patterned gingham, wicker placemats and blue and white ginger jars.

House of Harper

This outdoor BBQ is great for transitioning into those fall colors: dark brown gingham with darker jewel tone flowers. Just enough summer, but perfect for an early September gathering when it’s still warm outside.

Snippet and Ink

This Coastal Shrimp Boil seen on Southern Living uses red gingham and sunflowers to also give a touch of the upcoming season.

Southern Living

And finally, while you’re thinking ahead to your Fall Holiday Entertaining, how about this gorgeous tables cape for Thanksgiving? With the gingham tablecloth and emerald green napkins, it would definitely be at the top of our fall decorating list!

Dimples and Tangles

In our Pineapple Paper Co. shop, we have a couple of invitation options to start your next party with gingham!

For winding down the summer, we have our Pineapple and Pink Gingham Invite: (SHOP HERE)

And for moving into Fall Parties for boys or girls, we have our NEW Apple and Gingham Invite (SHOP HERE):

Apple Birthday Invitation

Do you like Gingham as much as we do? How do you plan on using it in the upcoming months? Let us know in the comments!