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The Best Cricut Fonts

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Here’s an ultimate guide to the BEST Cricut Fonts that you can download for Free or Cheap! You can use any font with Cricut Design Space, but I have found some of my favorites. See all of the best fonts for Cricut (and also design ideas and examples!) so you can make projects that everyone will love!

Best Fonts for Cricut and Cricut Design Space with SVG Design Examples

This post is sponsored by Creative Fabrica, but all of the opinions and designs are mine.

Are you looking for amazing fonts that you can use with Cricut Design Space? I have done loads of research, searching, and testing, and here are some of my favorite trending and classic cursive, print, doodle, graphic, and dingbat fonts. Some of these fonts I use for my most popular designs, and now you can too!

Best Fonts for Cricut

If you own a Cricut, it is very likely that Cricut Design Space fonts (or the lack there of) have been the subject of many design discussions and questions. But, did you know that you can use ANY font with your Cricut machine? That’s right! You can download beautiful, premium fonts to your computer and use them right in Cricut Design Space as to make any project! And the best part is that you can get quality fonts for FREE or for just a few dollars if you know the best resources!

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Although Cricut Design Space has recently improved the font library that is included with Cricut Access, if you want to get the most out of your Cricut you definitely want to download your own fonts. Fonts are just like any other files you download for your Cricut. There are some good ones and some not so good ones. There are a ton of places to download fonts, but there are only a couple of places to get really GREAT fonts that you can use with your Cricut or Silhouette machine.

I have really narrowed down where I get my Cricut fonts, and one of my FAVORITE places is a website called Creative Fabrica. Creative Fabrica has nearly 60,000 Free and Premium fonts available for download, and the number keeps growing! AND, all of the fonts at Creative Fabrica included a commercial license, which means that you can sell end products that you make with these fonts. That includes SVG designs and craft projects!

Download Cricut Font Bundles

Creative Fabrica also has AMAZING bundle deals that allow you to grab TONS of fonts or designs at a tiny fraction of the original price. Most of the bundles are limited time only, so I make sure I grab them as soon as I see them. Here are the current bundles available on Creative Fabrica (subject to change):

Limited Time Font Bundles for Cricut Design Space

If you think the bundles are a good deal, you definitely need to check out the Creative Fabrica ALL ACCESS subscription. I’m not even kidding when I tell you that I get way more than my money’s worth every single month. ALL of the bundles are INCLUDED with All Access! So just ONE bundle a month basically pays for the subscription. And that’s just fonts – they have thousands and thousands of SVG designs, sublimation designs, embroidery designs, coloring pages, and MORE. It’s ALL included!

And, since Creative Fabrica loves my readers, you can use my special link to SAVE 25% off an All Access subscription that is good for as long as you keep it active! You can’t beat it!

*Font Tip: Fonts that you have downloaded to your computer are considered “System Fonts.” You can filter by your fonts in Cricut Design Space which makes it easier to find the fonts you want without risk of being charged for non-Access fonts. In addition, your fonts will need to be downloaded to each device you use with Cricut Design Space (your phone, iPad, etc).

Popular Fonts for Cricut

Since there are SO many fonts to choose from, I’m going to share some of my favorite fonts in a few categories. PLUS, I’m going to show you Cricut designs that I’ve made and give you the direct link to the font I used!


All of these fonts will give your designs a hand lettered or handwritten look. It’s a popular trend, especially with shirts, signs, and mugs. These are all great fonts for creating craft items that are easy to market!

Hand lettered fonts can include all other types of fonts – like serif and script fonts. That’s another reason they’re so popular! They are easy to combine and often times come in Font Duos that you can download, which means you don’t have to look for fonts that look great together!


This font reminds me of how I used to write in middle school, complete with heart punctuation points. Minimalist has a clean look while also being clearly hand written.

The Islander

The Islander is one of my new favorite fonts for summer. I can think of SO many SVG designs to make with it!


I love the look that Hampton gives to designs – it looks as though someone just picked up a pen to write a word or phrase. It is perfect for mugs, notebooks, and any project you want to have a casual feel.

Aloha Lover

This is another one of my summer favorites! It is also great for toddler and kid designs.

Summer Love

This is one of the most popular font styles right now – the script heart design layered with a hand lettered font is a nice twist! It would be perfect for signs, wedding decor, stickers, and more!


Just like hand written fonts, script fonts are very popular right now. Creative Fabrica has some of my favorite script fonts available for download. They are perfect for shirts, signs, wedding decor, and more!

Stay Wonderful

This script is also a beautiful handwritten font. These types of fonts are always at the top of my design list at the holidays!

Opera Signature

Font duos are the PERFECT way to make designs when you aren’t confident with font pairings. This one is a new favorite of mine – check out the SVG design I made with it at the end of the post!

Vintage Style

Vintage and Retro style fonts and designs are really trendy right now, and I’m here for it! I love a modern twist on retro colors and phrases!


Serif fonts are those that include “tails” on the ends of the letters. It can be a small stroke or line that adds a small decorative touch to the letter. Serif fonts are used a lot in print – as in magazines – as well as to give designs a professional or even vintage look. I use serif fonts a lot!

South Belgian

South Belgian also has a distinct retro feel. My teenage daughter uses this font for stickers ALL of the time!

Sans Serif

As the name suggests, Sans Serif fonts are fonts that don’t include strokes or lines at the edges of the letters. They tend to be more minimal or “farmhouse” in style, which means they have great commercial appeal. I absolutely love sans serif fonts!

House Signature

Here is another font duo that is perfect FOR so many styles. You’ll find yourself using this font pairing over and over!


Shiplap has a “Rae Dunn” look – it’s a style that a lot of customers are looking for right now. This font designer is also one of my absolute favorites, and she has several fonts on Creative Fabrica!


I love these fonts, especially when I design cut files for kids and holidays. They’re so fun and translate into fun projects without a lot of extra design work!


I have a son that is totally obsessed with Dinosaurs, and if I would make him a shirt with this font for every day of the week, he would be thrilled! How adorable are the dinosaur spikes on the letters?


Leopard and Cheetah print trends are here to stay for a while. Having it in a font alphabet is a great way to make easy animal print designs!


Anyone else ready for Halloween fonts?! Monster is sure to be popular with the little kids you are crafting for!


Dingbat fonts are a GREAT way to grab some small doodles or graphics that you can use to enhance a design – or in some cases, use the dingbat as a design all by itself!

Cricut Designs with Font Examples

I designed several SVG files that you can use for inspiration for your own designs with Creative Fabrica fonts! with your Cricut. Below the designs, click on the links to directly head to the fonts I used.

SVG Files created with Creative Fabrica Fonts

Click the links to head to the font download page, then install the fonts on your computer and start designing!

I hope you have discovered some new favorite Cricut fonts! I’ll keep adding to this post as I find new fonts that I love – so make sure you pin this post and bookmark it for later!

Download the best free or cheap Cricut fonts

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