We have something really exciting to share today! We’ve been busy designing hand lettered designs for craft t shirts for one of our favorite online makers and creative shops, Yarn Mamas by Rescued Paw Designs. These exclusive shirts are perfect for those of us who make stuff and spend our time thinking of creative projects! Yarn Mamas is the place for craft tees, tanks, totes, and more by the creative team behind Rescued Paw Designs, a source for crochet ideas, patterns, and all things yarn! Our friend Krista is incredibly talented and creative and we are thrilled that she is offering our hand lettered designs!

New Craft Shirt Designs by Pineapple Paper Co. for Yarn Mamas

We are always on the hunt for quality crafty tees and these craft themed t shirts and crochet tees are perfect for men and women!

Do you make awesome things? We need this confidence boost most days 😉

I Make Awesome Things Shirt

Perfect for the crafters, crocheters, and creatives, this shirt shows everyone that you like making things!

Create Shirt at Yarn Mamas

As you start your day, here’s your gentle reminder to work on the never-ending To Do Lists!

Get Stuff Done Shirt

For the crocheters and knitters out there, we have one of the most popular shirts at Yarn Mamas:

This is How I Roll Shirt

What do you run on? For coffee-loving crocheters, this shirt is perfect!

This Mama Runs on Coffee and Crochet Shirt

We look forward to sharing more of our Exclusive Designs for Yarn Mamas in the future! Do you have any ideas on what you’d like on a shirt? Let us know in the comments!